Seven Science-Backed Ways Reading Makes You Healthy

Seven Science-Backed Ways Reading Makes You Healthy

Books make everything better. They enchant and delight, challenge and provoke, provide hours of entertainment on lazy afternoons, and offer solace in hard times.

It seems only natural that people who cultivate a reading habit will likely become happier and healthier as a result. So it should come as no surprise that evidence from numerous scientific studies suggests that reading really is good for you! The infographic we created below explains how.

For one thing, reading reduces stress—even more than listening to music, having a cup of tea, or taking a walk. These pastimes are all good for you too, but studies indicate that when it comes to calming down, reading takes the top prize. It lowers stress levels by 68%, slowing your heart rate and helping tense muscles relax. It’s also the perfect pre-bedtime activity. Television, computer, and phone screens tend to keep people awake in the evenings, but a printed book is an ideal way to unwind before dozing off.

Scroll down to learn more about the seven proven health benefits of reading, from a sharper mind to better social connections!

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