“Without Wings Book One-To Save A Soul” By Thomas Joseph Beck


In a mob hit gone wrong, notorious gangster Nicky Vocci takes a bullet to save an innocent mother and child.

The next thing he knows, he wakes up in an auditorium with six female angels. Impressed with his dying act of sacrifice they offer him the opportunity to save his wretched soul. He must help the good angels fight the demon angels, by helping troubled humans. They send him back to earth with a new body and a new name: Daniel Peter. His mission: to save Lily Flowers. The demon angel named Insecurity is tormenting Lily, pushing her down a dark path filled with alcohol, drugs, and all the wrong men.

Daniel must help get her back on track, and convince her she is worthy of a good man namely Liam Patrick, a childhood friend of Lily’s, philanthropist, and all-around good guy. Their falling in love will save her. There is one small problem: Liam can’t stand Lily’s new lifestyle or the company she’s been keeping. For her own part, Lily thinks Liam has grown self-righteous and boring. Not to mention that if the demon angel Insecurity discovers who Daniel really is, he will destroy him.

Other than that, it’s is a piece of cake


Nicky Vocci is a well know Italian gangster. He is thug and a merciless murderer.

He lives for himself and causes harm to many people. But in a turn of events, Nicky gives up his life to save a mother and child. He is then commissioned by a group of angels to intervene in the life of a young woman, Lily, and help save her from life’s circumstances and ultimately save her from death. The angels tell him that by saving her, he will in turn save himself. Will he be successful? That is the question that is on the reader’s mind.

Without Wings-To Save a Soul is an interesting allegory type story. It is engaging and full of action. Nicky, whose name becomes Daniel in his new life, has the task of helping Lily overcome

Insecurity and find freedom from many tormenting feelings. He is also tasked to help Lily find love with the caring gentleman, Liam.

I thoroughly enjoyed To Save a Soul-Without Wings. I was drawn in by the fast paced story. It is intense and engaging. Being a story about a ruthless gangster, there is a lot of crime, murder and violence. But the tale does soften up when Daniel encounters the angel faith and is told to help Lily and Liam find love in one another.

This book is written very well. There are many twists and turns. The characters are well developed, realistic and likeable. The storyline and plot are clear and concise.

The author, Thomas Joseph Beck, takes readers on a roller coaster of events and feelings.

I couldn’t book the book down and read it in one day.

If you enjoy books that contain action, sex, murder and ultimately love and goodness, then this is the book for you.

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