A Journey to Yonder by Nidhi Kaur

by Nidhi Kaur
Genres: Inspirational, Spiritual
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="journey to yonder"A Journey to Yonder by Nidhi Kaur

A Journey to Yonder is the tale of one woman’s refusal to allow the challenges of her past to define her present. She grows up with a special needs sibling and loses her childhood home, and we then follow her through an abusive relationship and into the most unforgiving of human trials.

With experiences that leave you feeling so alone, how do you hold on to hope? How do you go on?

Nidhi Kaur’s compelling use of both poetry and prose intimately welcomes readers into this moving story of spiritual rediscovery. Poems are sprinkled throughout the story, guiding readers through intimate and stunning moments of truth. Kaur reminds us that if we offer our trust completely to God, we are never alone.

The author of the spiritual collection of poetry My Wedding with Truth, Nidhi Kaur once again delivers an emotionally enlightened journey through the human heart. Miracles can be seen everywhere in this world, and Kaur helps us remember to keep our eyes open in this riveting story of redemption.


In A Journey to Yonder we discover one woman’s strength and refusal to not let her past dictate her future.

After going through many trials and heartaches, such as living with a special needs sibling, losing her childhood home and experiencing an abusive relationship, she wonders if there is really any hope.

In her beautiful memoir, through poetry and prose, she takes readers on her spiritual journey.

A Journey to Yonder is a poignant beautiful story of how unconditional love can overcome all fears. It is a passionate and heartfelt story filled with tragedy and the beauty of the world and love. It is a combination of beautiful poetry and honest impeccable storytelling mixed with fact and fiction. It’s a truly stunning and moving story.

As author Nidhi Kaur bears her soul readers can’t help but to be deeply moved and inspired. Her openness compels readers to follow along and be deeply moved by the childhood traumas, abuses she suffered and the love she ultimately finds. It’s a poetic and artistic treasure.

In the first half of the book Nidhi Kaur expresses and opens her heart to the tragedies and torments of her childhood and younger years. I could completely relate, and I think many readers will be able to relate as well. Then we go on to learn of her life in India and the culture and difficulties she had during that time. I was drawn in and felt her emotions as I read her accounts of her life. While the last part of the book is about her spiritual journey to light, love and healing.

A Journey to Yonder is an engaging read that’s brilliantly written. Nidhi Kaur has composed a book like no other I have ever read. Part memoir, part fiction, part poetic and part prose. All woven together in a stunning tapestry of literary creativity and genius. This is the best book in its genre that I have read in a long time. A Journey to Yonder is inspirational and compelling. It’s a must read 5 star read.

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