God Challenges from Philosophy and Science by Lynne Renoir

by Lynne Renoir
Genres: Nonfiction, Philosophy
Format: Kindle

Alt="god challenges"God Challenges from Philosophy and Science by Lynne Renoir


Although she was a devout Christian, the author came to question the traditional view of God as the all-powerful creator. Her book examines philosophical approaches to the question of the divine, and she uses findings in quantum theory and cosmology to suggest that the source of reality is not a supreme being, but lies in the idea that each person is a unique expression of a cosmic mystery. At the same time the author discusses the religious experiences of believers from various traditions, some of which involve a profound life transformation. The conclusion reached in the book is that ultimate truth is found in the inner dimensions of a person’s being, and is not dependent on any externally imposed system of thought.


God Challenges from Philosophy and Science by Lynne Renoir directs attention to the three monotheistic belief systems: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Although the author devoted fifty years of her life to her Christian faith, she came to a point of dissatisfaction and began to question the whole idea of God. This led her to an inquiry into the source of ultimate reality.

As a philosopher in the Western tradition, Lynne discusses some of the great thinkers in her field, and then examines findings in quantum theory and cosmology. This is followed by an investigation into the relationship between religious beliefs and the psychological structure of the individual. The conclusion reached is that truth lies in the inner dimensions of a person’s being and cannot be imposed by an external source. While some readers may not agree with Lynne’s ideas, her book is extremely well written and her arguments have a natural flow. The theories are articulately expressed and are easy to understand.

Overall the book is thought-provoking, inviting readers to question their own belief systems. I recommend this book to those who are interested in questions of ultimate reality and the mystery of our existence.

God Challenges from Philosophy and Science by Lynne Renoir is very intelligent and written extremely well. It is put together well and flows naturally and is very articulately expressed. She shares her ideas and theories in an easy to understand manner. While some may not agree with her findings and conclusion, she does relate some very accurate and interesting truths.

This book would be great for anyone that would like to know more about the theories on the existence of God. . It is a summary of many of the writings of some of the great philosophers and theorists. There would be no need to do the research for oneself after reading this book. It is all contained within this book.

This is a very thought-provoking book. One will certainly question their own belief system after reading this book. I recommend this book to those that are looking to read about the different theories and beliefs regarding God and His existence and the many philosophical viewpoints and premises.

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