The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay by Nicola May – Book Review

by Nicola May
Genres: Mystery, Romantic Comedy
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="the corner shop in cockleberry bay"The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay: An uplifting original and touching romantic comedy by Nicola May


Rosa Larkin is down on her luck in London, so when she inherits a near-derelict corner shop in a quaint Devon village, her first thought is to sell it for cash and sort out her life. But nothing is straightforward about this legacy. While the identity of her benefactor remains a mystery, he – or she – has left one important legal proviso: that the shop cannot be sold, only passed on to somebody who really deserves it.

Rosa makes up her mind to give it a go: to put everything she has into getting the shop up and running again in the small seaside community of Cockleberry Bay. But can she do it all on her own? And if not, who will help her succeed – and who among the following will work secretly to see her fail?

There is a handsome rugby player, a sexy plumber, a charlatan reporter and a selection of meddling locals. Add in a hit and run incident and the disappearance of a valuable engraved necklace – and what you get is a journey of self-discovery and unpredictable events.

With surprising and heartfelt results, Rosa, accompanied at all times by her little sausage dog Hot, will slowly unravel the shadowy secrets of the inheritance, and also bring her own, long-hidden heritage into the light.


Rosa Larkin lives in London with her best friend Josh. She was raised in the foster care system. And now, a young woman, she is struggling to make it. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she inherits a rundown corner shop in a quaint Devonshire village named Cockleberry Bay. Her benefactor is unknown and a definite mystery to her. She makes the move from London to Cockleberry Bay with her sweet little dog named, Hot, and begins to restore and set up her new dog and cat food and accessories shop. But, things and people aren’t exactly what they seem in this enchanting little village. There are many mysterious happenings and Rosa is not sure everyone is who they say they are.

The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay is a fantastic, charming story of one young woman that had a tough life and her new luck and adventure, trials and triumphs in the small and quaint seaside Devonshire Village, called Cockleberry Bay.

It is one of the best books I have read in the past year. It is so enchanting and such a feel good book that I actually want to read it again. I couldn’t put it down and turned the pages quickly to read on and find out what would happen next.

The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay is a romantic comedy with some mysterious happenings going on in the village. Plus, Rosa, the main character, doesn’t even know who left her the shop. There is a lot going on in this story. There is a hit and run accident and a missing necklace. It is written so well that I was extremely impressed. The descriptive writing of the village, people and objects had me visualizing the whole scene in vivid color. It is a beautiful place that I would love to visit, but there is some mystery and things are not as they seem. Rosa manages to get the shop up and running with trial and error and over time she becomes a very special person.

I loved all the quirky characters in this engaging story. They are well drawn and developed with interesting personalities. The dialog between them is written to perfection. It is crisp, light hearted and fun. This book is brilliant in every way. From the writing style, to the characters, to the descriptions, everything flows perfectly together. This book is a must read, delightful, winsome and a mysterious tale.

I loved the setting. It made me feel like I was on vacation visiting the quaint little seaside village. This really is an awesome fabulous read and Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends it. It should receive the best book of the year award in its genre. It’s that good. Pick up a copy of The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay, you will love it.

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