A Nanny for Harry by Sylvia Mulholland – Book Review

by Sylvia Mulholland
Genres: Contemporary, Humorous, women's fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="a nanny for harry"A NANNY FOR HARRY by Sylvia Mulholland


Kali Miller hasn’t even given birth to baby Harry, when doctor-husband Matt ‘helpfully’ hires a live-in nanny. Britta is svelte, blonde and beguiling, and Swedish enough to make any new mother insecure, especially one who looks and feels as ginormous post-delivery as she did the day before. But a nanny means Kali can go back to work at her law firm where she is desperate to make partner. The Millers’ seaside house will be nice and clean; their meals healthy and fresh, and Harry well looked after. It’s the only option, really, for career women like Kali.

But Britta’s idea of cooking is fiskpinnar (fish sticks) in the microwave. She leaves blonde hairballs between the sofa cushions and has cute, broken-English convos with Matt, leaving the dirty diapers and other chores for Kali. The only thing Britta has in common with those super-nannies that all Kali’s friends seem to have, is that she’ll probably never quit. And of course, Harry adores her.

As Kali’s life becomes increasingly frenetic —not helped by a disgruntled client out to get her for a deal gone bad—she starts losing her grip on reality. The top brass at her firm now view her more as a potential liability, than partnership material. And Matt seems to have some mysterious ‘history’ with Harry’s nanny. Just who is this Britta Edvardsson? And what does she want with Matt… and little Harry?


Set in the bustling ocean city of Long Beach, Kali Miller is about to make partner at a prestigious law firm that she’s poured all of her time and energy into since she became employed there. But first, she needs to have her baby. Her husband Matt understands what type of person Kali is and knows that her career is important to her. So after scouring over every possible daycare in the area and coming up unsatisfied with their lack of basically everything that Baby Miller deserves, the only other option is hiring a nanny with the agreement of both Kali and Matt interviewing possible candidates together. But to Kali’s dismay Matt hires a young, blonde and very attractive Swedish girl before Kali can even unload her newly purchased eco-friendly cloth diapers.

Extremely witty and at times very comical, A NANNY FOR HARRY gave an honest perspective of the life of a business woman turned new mother and the stresses it holds. As a working mother myself I found this book to be a classic for the career mama’s daily struggle to make it all work. Mulholland paints a very relatable story of the working class mother trying to balance a career, marriage and the challenges of motherhood. With the worries and warnings from her concerned sister, Kali attempts to combat another woman infiltrating her home and family even after little Harry becomes very attached to this charming girl Matt insisted would be perfect for the job.

A NANNY FOR HARRY by Sylvia Mulholland is an amusing, entertaining, and delightful story that had me shaking my head and chuckling to myself more than I expected. I relished in the characters quirky personalities and silly antics bringing me to tears at times. The writing is excellent and certainly creative. If you are looking for a jovial read that will keep you holding on at every turn A NANNY FOR HARRY is a must for your book list this season. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Chick Lit Cafe

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