Autumn: Finch’s Crossing Book One by Amy Ruth Allen – Book Review

by Amy Ruth Allen
Genres: Romance
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="autumn: finch's crossing"Autumn: Finch’s Crossing Book One by Amy Ruth Allen


Artist Autumn Hamilton is stuck in a creative block so strong she wonders if she will ever emerge. Inwardly determined to find her way back to painting, she puts on a brave face and pretends all is well, even fooling her best friend, Meg. But then a distraction—in the form of hard-hearted Ethan Rasmussen—pulls her into a complex family saga. Autumn must stop Ethan from making a huge mistake, regardless of his good intentions, and no matter how handsome he is.

Meanwhile, online shopping and big box stores have taken their toll on the once vibrant shops and restaurants in downtown Finch’s Crossing. Major Peggy Brightwell has hired entrepreneur Kyle Oswald to bring the merchants into the world of internet marketing and social media, in time to entice Black Friday shoppers to Finch’s Crossing. The eccentric and loveable merchants fall instantly in love with Kyle, but it’s Meg he wishes would notice him. But Meg is hiding a fierce loneliness from everyone, including herself. Kyle is determined to find a chink in her armor, no matter how grumpy and resistant she is.

Autumn and Meg must work through their own problems before romance even stands a chance. And to further complicate matters, Ethan and Kyle have the kind of baggage that just might be a little too heavy for Autumn and Meg to carry.

Finch’s Crossing is a heart-warming, small-town sweet romance series, following the lives of the four Hamilton sisters, Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter, who are all searching for the same thing: sustaining, unconditional love. The series features a supporting cast of lovable eccentrics, and a lot of small town quirkiness.


A charming and quaint story in a sleepy town with charismatic characters, what is not to love of this story? A perfectly written tale for a beautiful season, Autumn and Meg are a delightful and humorous pair with their witty banter and dialogue. Their struggles are very relatable which is why the reader becomes easily attached to such well-developed protagonists throughout the entire book. A wonderful and memorable romantic “feel-good” tale that leaves you warm-hearted and smiling.

With a twist and a solid plot, Autumn: Finch’s Crossing by Amy Ruth Allen, also has a mysteriousness that ends in a surprising and unexpected outcome! With the perfect picturesque scenery, described with thorough depiction, I felt transported in every beautiful scene that author Amy Ruth Allen portrays, such a wonderful and illustrative picture. I really loved the extra budding affairs of others from the sidelines, as well. Fantastically written, I would recommend this exceptional read to all ages. It’s an eccentric and whimsical opposites attract story that is very fun and laughable!

I was hooked from the very first chapter and stayed up late turning the pages quickly to find out what would happen next. I was fully captivated by the characters and storyline and remained engaged to the satisfying end. I didn’t want it to be over, and was left delightfully thinking about it afterwards.

For anyone that loves a small town love story that is as romantic and silly as it is mystified and puzzling, Autumn: Finch’s Crossing by Amy Ruth Allen, is a book that covers it all. I could not put it down and am excited for the next one in the series! I felt the warm fuzzies while reading this remarkable and enjoyable fiction. A must read for anyone’s top 10 list this fall season.

Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Chick Lit Café

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