Capers and Harry – Mother Melania – Book Review

by Mother Melania
Genres: Adventure, Animals, Children
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="capers and harry"Capers and Harry by Mother Melania

A vain and self-centered cat learns humility. In attempting to match the antics of a squirrel, Capers strands himself up in a tree. Harry, his bloodhound pal, and Fearless, the fire duck come to the rescue.


Capers and Harry by Mother Melania is a fun romp with a subtle message about humility and being humble. Caper is a cat that loves to show off. He puts on a show for Harry the hound dog. Harry politely watches on as Caper jumps and flips around. He even tries to do a triple flip, but falls to the ground. He picks himself up and hides his embarrassment. Capers is a very vain and proud cat. He likes to be the center of attention and is constantly bragging and talking over the other animals.

When Capers decides to climb the tree and show off to Harry and Scampers the Squirrel, he climbs so high that he can’t get down. Of course, Capers won’t admit that he is stuck and failed. Harry knows Capers is stuck and like a good friend and neighbor, he runs and then swims across the pond to get to Fearless the Fire Duck. Fearless quickly goes to aid Capers. Harry and Fearless devise a plan, in order not to humiliate Capers. Fearless the Fire Duck tells Capers that he needs help with an exercise in fire rescue. Capers agrees. Fearless puts the ladder up and tells Caper that there is a great view on the roof of the fire house. So Capers comes down the ladder with him and they all go to the fire house and sit on the roof and enjoy the view. After that, Capers was more humble and quiet.

Capers had a lesson in humility by undergoing a lesson in humiliation. He learned about being humble. He was very a self-centered and proud cat, but when he got stuck, he was humbled down. Capers and Harry is one of the books in the collection of stories entitled “Fearless and Friends” written by Mother Melania.

These stories are fabulous for teaching young children values and good character without being preachy and in their face. Through these books, they see the temperaments and character flaws in the animals in the story. Children will be motivated and learn good manners and values through these stories. It also teaches about being a good friend and neighbor and helping one another out. It’s about being kind and considerate and treating each other with respect and gentleness.

It is crucial that children learn good values and develop good characters. Mother Melania knows that importance and has crafted cute, engaging stories that children will love and want to read. The tales are thought-provoking and captivating and will grab the attention of the child, while slipping in subtle, valuable messages.

The stories are easy to understand, follow along and read and are great for early readers. They are adorable and the illustrations are delightful and visually appealing.
Children will love Capers and Harry. I read it to my grandchildren and they loved it so much that they had me read it to them over and over again. I am happy to recommend Capers and Harry to all young children everywhere. It will make a great Christmas present this year.
Reviewed by Chick Lit Cafe

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