Rebel Without A Clue – Kerrie Noor

by Kerrie Noor
Genres: Humorous, Satire, Science Fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="rebel without a clue"Rebel Without A Clue: The battle of the sexes is quiet but for how long? (Planet Hyman and Beyond Book 1) by Kerrie Noor


Woman Rule But For How Long?

Scotland is about to be invaded will it ever be the same again?

Mex had been looking forward to a well-earned rest after saving planet Hy Man. But now, thanks to Beryl, she has been sent on a mission that will ruin her career with a robot who rubs her up the wrong way.

Beryl is the leader of planet Hy Man and fighting to remain so. The planet’s energy is on its’ last legs and chapping at her heels to take over is the ruthless Hilda. A woman with a personality as bad her haircut and will do anything to get her way…

A Rebel Without a Clue is the first in the Planet Hy Man series where every hero is a woman old enough to know better and old enough not to care.


Rebel Without A Clue by Kerrie Noor is an easy going science fiction story with a humorous and light narrative. In it we have several, well developed, characters that are comprised of elderly women that use a lot of sarcasm and scheming energy to get their way. Their attitudes and manipulations are totally relatable and recognizable. I saw many women that I know in this great story. An extremely comical book, filled with irony, which tells the story of another planet that is ruled by women. The women battle for power and it becomes an outright fight between these quirky characters.

The storyline flows with ease and is full of busy old ladies who run and rule their own world. It’s an extremely fun story to read and very enjoyable. I could completely relate to the ladies as well as the story and I was thoroughly entertained.

Kerrie Noor’s writing style is very enjoyable and unique. She has an intriguing way with words that keeps the reader hooked from the very first chapter to the satisfying end. This is a dark comedy, satire read that readers will be completely absorbed in.

Rebel Without A Clue by Kerrie Noor is a very thought provoking and compelling book. I couldn’t put it down and laughed my way through it. I stayed up late, turning the pages quickly to find out what would happen next. It’s one of the best books that I have read in a while.

The plot comes full circle and the conclusion has an intriguing cliffhanger leaving it open for a sequel. The first in the Hy Man series which is definitely going to be a hit.

Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Rebel Without A Clue to women that want a good laugh while reading an engaging story that is unlike any other.

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