Secrets of the Stones by Sabrina Kidd – Book Review

by Sabrina Kidd
Genres: Graphic Novel, Historical Fiction, Romance
Format: Kindle

Alt="secrets of the stones"Secrets of the Stones by Sabrina Kidd


A secret worth sharing…

After suddenly awakening, completely alone and with mysterious injuries, Christine has no recollection of who or where she is. She finds herself pursued by dragons, rogue magicians, and an heiress hell-bent on revenge. Through her own instinct and intuition, Christine must try and piece together the story of her life. Who is a friend and who is a foe? Who had she been and who will she become? Sometimes it is only in our most vulnerable moments that we are able to find our true inner strength.


Secrets of the Stones is a graphic novel written by Sabrina Kidd and illustrated by Katy Arrington. In issue 1 the reader is given some of the background to the birth of the story and introduces the characters. The synopsis of the full story is that Christine wakes with mysterious injuries and with no knowledge of who or where she is. There will be a dragon, and a rogue magician, and those seeking revenge, and Christine must unravel the mystery of her life, but these are yet to come. However, they give the reader an exciting taste of where the story is heading. There is also an interesting and tempting scenario – why Michael doesn’t want Christine to go outside. Altogether, lots of appealing issues to keep the reader engrossed.

Here in issue 1 we are given a description of the setting in the mid-19th century British Empire and an insight into daily life. We meet Christine, a strong-willed sixteen-year-old who is determined to make the best of her situation. Then we meet Michael, a capable and handsome seventeen-year-old who makes it his mission to care for Christine. Not to forget the three-legged ‘Dragon’. It seems all have a story to tell. What happened to Christine, what is the relationship between Christine and Michael, and how did Dragon lose a leg? All tempting the reader along to find out more.

The illustrations are dramatic and eye-catching, and the characterizations appear to be spot on. It is an interesting aspect to learn how the story developed in the author’s imagination, and its development to the graphic novel with a series of sketches. An unusual aspect which is really an added bonus to what promises to be an exciting tale. The author, Sabrina Kidd, obviously has an amazing imagination, and the teamwork with illustrator Katy Arrington has worked well to bring the idea to life in this exciting graphic novel.

All in all, an exciting and intriguing start to a story that entices the reader from the outset. Professionally presented and characters that arouse the reader’s curiosity, Secrets of the Stones will be a winner for all lovers of graphic novels. Chick Lit Café highly recommends Secret of the Stones by Sabrina Kidd. Get yourself a copy and escape into a world of excitement and visual delight.

Reviewed by Jane Finch for Chick Lit Café

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  1. Wow! This sounds like a great book. I’m going to add it to reading list. Love this website.