The Princess and the Pickup Truck by Bil Lepp

by Bil Lepp
Genres: Children, Fairy Tale, Kids Lit
Format: Hard Cover

Alt="The Princess"The Princess and the Pickup Truck by Bil Lepp (Author), Lottie Looney (Illustrator)


Isn’t it time there was a fairy tale aimed at girls and women who wear hiking boots, don t comb their hair, and love pick-up trucks? The prince in this story wants to marry a real mountain princess, so he searches all the mountain ranges in the world… looking in the Sierras for women in tiaras, and at Glass Mountain for ladies wearing just one shoe. He ends up going home alone, only to be found by a princess who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to set out into the world on her own to find it. The Princess and the Pick-up Truck is a modern retelling of The Princess and the Pea, but with an Appalachian, or at least rural, slant.


The Princess and the Pickup Truck by Bil Lepp is a charming takeoff and retelling of the original story, The Prince and the Pea, with an Appalachian spin. In this humorous story for children, our prince wants to marry, and searches for, a princess that is unlike your typical princess. He wants a real mountain princess that doesn’t wear tiaras and sparkling gowns. He wants hiking boots and hair that isn’t done up, but more messy and natural. A real “mountain” girl. So, first he buys a pickup truck to pursue the right kind of princess that he is looking for, and for them to notice him. He sets out and searches for his princess in all the mountain ranges of the world, but only finds fakes. He becomes discouraged. Then fate steps in when a real rugged, yet royal princess arrives. The prince’s mother wants to test her to make sure she is the real deal. Will this proclaimed mountain princess be the one he has been relentlessly searching for and be his wife? Or, is she another fraud?

The Princess and the Pickup Truck is a fun and delightful story that children will adore. It is a curious twist on the typical fairy tales about princesses and what their supposed qualities should be. It is down to earth, hilarious and an absolute delight to read. There is a good amount of rural mountain wit and humor that really works to add a special touch to this tale. Author, Bil Lepp is a wonderful storyteller and certainly has a unique voice. The Princess and the Pickup Truck is smart, cleverly written and very original. It is a sort of rhyming book, but not in the ordinary sense, and it works well and flows nicely. It has a flair of Appalachian charm that brings a nice overall feel to it. The illustrations are simply magical with a folksy look that children will love. The story and the illustrations are cheerful and bright. I read this book to my daughter and she wholeheartedly loved it and has had me read it to her several times. The Princess and the Pickup Truck is a 5 star, must read tale for every child and Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends it.

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  1. Wow! Superbly written book review. I am getting this book for my daughter, she will love it I am sure. This is my favorite book site of all time.