There Will Be Hell To Pay – Benjamin Gilad – Book Review

by Benjamin Gilad
Published by Black Rose Writing Genres: Mystery, Politics, Supernatural, Suspense
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="there will be hell to pay"There Will Be Hell To Pay by Benjamin Gilad


They say those who get deep into the Kabbalah’s mystical text of the celestial spheres can lose their minds. But one man discovers the celestial spheres are far from saintly. The man, Jack Merriman, is a Seer sucked into the celestial realm against his better judgment. He finds out Satan is a beautiful female with a keen sense of justice. Archangel Michael sounds just like James Earl Jones and the Cherubs fill the Celestial spheres with heavenly elevator music. But underneath, the Celestial Spheres are as political and incompetent as a big government agency.

Jack is driven to the brink of insanity with this discovery, as his girlfriend, Harmony tries to keep him from being killed. Or does she? In the midst of it all, Jack has to make a choice between justice and forgiveness. He chooses justice, and all Hell breaks loose, and it’s a good thing.


There Will Be Hell To Pay by Benjamin Gilad is a clever, entertaining story filled with mystery, conflict and intrigue. Jack Merriman is an ex-law enforcement officer. He is forty five, alone, without any family and his sister, Leah has passed away. He reluctantly accepts employment with the MHB, which is the Memory Hunting Bureau, a mysterious agency whose task is to save the In-betweens – people who have died and the memory of them is vanishing, but who can remain “alive” as long as someone remembers them.  Jack travels the world uncovering vanishing memories when he meets Harmony whose specialty is the role of magic in modern time. Readers will contemplate whether she will be his love interest, or something more, while she tries to keep him from being killed. Jack is pulled into the celestial realm where he can see and hear, and discovers a chaotic and incompetent organization. Jack is almost driven to madness, while readers will be driven to the edge, while reading this remarkable book.

There Will Be Hell To Pay by Benjamin Gilad has suspenseful, intriguing twists and turns, while Jack is finally on the track of the unknown driver who killed his sister, whose memory is vanishing too.  The political workings of the heavenly beings is smart, and described with depth and imagination. Author Benjamin Gilad brings readers an engrossing story while interpreting Genesis’ “So God created man in His own image” literally. Glued to the pages, I was taken on an emotional journey between earthly activity and the spiritual interactions of cosmic beings, while glimpsing into their petty and at time nefarious fight for power. There Will Be Hell To Pay is a most interesting, original and compelling read with a solid plot that drew me in from start to finish.

I couldn’t put There Will Be Hell To Pay down – not only are the characters incredible, but the pages are filled with absurdities and humor. This book will appeal to a variety of readers. I was very intrigued and fully entertained by the clever idea of the celestial spheres, the spiritual realm, their activities and thought-provoking politics.

There Will Be Hell To Pay by Benjamin Gilad is a must read for all those who love the supernatural, suspense and mystery genres. Chick Lit Café is confident in recommending There Will Be Hell To Pay. Readers will absolutely love and devour it.

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  1. I could not resist commenting. Exceptionally well written book review!
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  2. Without good content, nothing else matters. You have great content and your book reviews and suggestions are very inspiring. There Will Be hell To Pay sounds really good. I will be getting this one. Does the author have any other titles? What is his website address, I would like to check it out. Thanks!

  3. I come to this site regularly, as well as Artisan Book Reviews. My two favorite book blogs for book reviews and reading suggestions. This book is one that I am going to get, it is right up my alley. Paul

  4. This book review is awesome. I am getting this book and hope it is that good. I am a regular visitor to your book blog. I love it!