Breaking the Barriers by Robbin Miller – Book Review

by Robbin Miller
Genres: Books For Girls, Children, Memoir
Format: Kindle, Paperback

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Breaking the Barriers: A Girl’s Dream to Play Little League with the Boys by Robbin Miller

During a summer family picnic in 1974, Robbin observes a little league game being played in a nearby baseball field.  Seeing how much fun the game was, and watching the fans cheer for their teams, Robbin asked her dad to teach her to play baseball. As she practiced, over time, Robbin learned that girls were not allowed to play little league baseball with boys. Refusing to give up her dream, Robbin was excited to learn about a famous court case that ruled that same year, that girls were to be allowed to play little league with boys.  The long-standing barrier was finally lifted, and Robbin signed up to play in 1975. A brave and determined Robbin strutted her stuff and showed her community that she could play ball just as well as the boys, on any baseball diamond. Despite encountering jeers, boos, and name-calling from the stands and from the boys, Robbin excelled on the field and played with her head held high for the love of the game.


Breaking the Barriers: A Girl’s Dream to Play Little League with the Boys by Robbin Miller is an outstanding, inspirational memoir, and true story, that encourages young girls to be courageous, determined and positive in life, and to work hard and never give up when it comes to achieving their dreams and goals, whatever their dreams may be.

Robbin Miller tells her beautiful story of how she dreamed of playing Little League baseball back in the 1970’s, when it was still unthought-of that girls could play along with the boys. As she sat and watched the boys playing a Little League baseball game, she began to dream of playing with them. She asked her dad to teach her to play baseball, and that started the ball rolling to an exciting journey toward her seeing her dream come true. In 1974, the law just passed that allowed girls to play Little League baseball. Despite the harassment’s and jeers from the crowd and boys, Robbin was thrilled and overjoyed when she began to play Little League in 1975. She fully excelled in the sport, and proved herself to be worthy to play alongside the boys. Her dream had come true. The road to breaking the barrier for Robbin to play with the boys in Little League was not easy, but through Robbin’s determination, courage and support of her family, including her brother, Bruce, she made it, and has a wonderful, important message and story to tell.

In Breaking the Barriers, Robbin Miller expressively recounts and shares the struggles and hindrances, which she constantly faced and endured, during her time of playing baseball with the boys, and being one of the first girls to play in her city. She tells of her determination, believing in herself and learning not to listen to the naysayers and negative people. The lessons she learned brought her a lifetime of strength, positive thinking, resilience and good self-esteem. Now, through her memoir and story, she brings wisdom and encouragement to young girls who have the desire to play sports with the boys, and for those that have dreams and goals that seem unreachable. She proves that with courage and persistence, girls can play along with the boys in sports, and in life. Breaking the Barriers is enlightening and brings a great example of gender inequality, and how we must continue to fight against it, in all areas of life.

Breaking the Barriers is an excellent book for young girls ages 8-11 to give them the strength, smartness and ability to reach for their goals and dreams. To achieve things they never thought possible by being brave, steadfast and positive. The history of Little league and baseball during the 1970’s is brought to life in Breaking the Barriers. I could smell the grass and remember myself at the Little League field, eating the chili and candy, as I watched my brothers play ball. I loved baseball, and ended up playing shortstop in the softball leagues. Robbin Miller loved the sport and played well, while outshining many of the boys. Robbin Miller’s story is such an inspiration, motivation and example for girls to follow. They will learn valuable life lessons as they read this simple, yet profound chapter book, filled with beautiful, captivating and exciting illustrations.

Breaking the Barriers: A Girl’s Dream to Play Little League with the Boys by Robbin Miller is a must read, 5 star book, which Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends for all to read.

Get your child a copy. They will be inspired, encouraged and enlightened!

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