Rebel Without A Bra by Kerrie Noor – Book Review

by Kerrie Noor
Genres: Humorous, Science Fiction, women's fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="rebel without a bra"Rebel Without A Bra: Scotland Has Been Invaded Will It Ever Be The Same Again By Kerrie Noor


Women Rule, But Has Anyone Told The Men?

Mex is heading for the Edinburgh Festival in search of Legless. Hot on her heels is Beryl a leader who has already dropped Mex in it once and now plans to do so again. Beryl must make contact with Mex before Mex finds Legless; retrieve the spark plug but not Legless, find a way back to Planet Hy Man, without Legless and save her planet. And all before the Edinburgh Festival finishes!

A feat made near impossible when considering her arch-rival Hilda, a woman as ruthless as a politician (and with the same dress sense) has access to every high- tech spying equipment going.

A Rebel Without a Bra is the second in the Planet Hy Man series where every hero is a woman old enough to know better and old enough not to care.


When the women make the rules and the balance of power begins to shift, the drama begins for Beryl. With her fearless, and take no crap from anyone, attitude she knows there is no one that can compete with her experienced abilities to maintain Planet Hy Man, with such grace and ease. But when the tough and audacious, Mex has plans on her own to be the hero, that’s when all the fun begins! With an unconventional gang of wacky characters to keep the peculiar Planet Hy Man occupied, things get strange and a perplexing plot opens up to an uncharted exciting journey. With a unique glossary of peculiar jargon that is used on the eccentric planet, there is a promising storyline worth the effort for the reader.

Rebel Without A Bra by Kerrie Noor is a hilarious, offbeat and funny sci-fi novel, which was an absolute riot to read! I loved each and every humorous character, with their own silly antics and ticks that really made them stand apart from others. It was an enjoyable and creative story packed with plenty of descriptive and vivid scenarios, with laugh out loud dialogue. The impossible feats done by these women, and the high tech spy equipment will certainly entertain readers to no end. Never a dull moment with Noor’s cast of misfits, who kept me interested and immersed throughout the entire book.

Rebel Without A Bra brings a splendid good time with lively, and amusing locations, and colorful landscapes that never fail to please. Readers of all types will greatly enjoy, Rebel Without A Bra and it’s no holds barred attitude. I would most definitely recommend this humorous, unputdownable, science fiction read – the second book in the Planet Hy Man series, written by the, clever, creative and talented author, Kerrie Noor.

Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Chick Lit Café.

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