It’s Grief by Edy Nathan – 5 Stars – Book Review

by Edy Nathan
Genres: Grief, Loss, Self Help, Trauma
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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It’s Grief: The Dance of Self-Discovery Through Trauma and Loss by Edy Nathan


In It’s Grief, Edy Nathan examines the emotional and devastating impact of loss and trauma. It identifies the intricacies of the dark and unfamiliar effects on the self. The book illuminates how the brain holds the complex circuitry of grief. It then provides choices to help deal with the complexity of grief. It’s Grief unravels the mysterious dimensions of this journey with a clarity that transforms grief into one of life’s great teachers.

A profound read, It’s Grief: The Dance of Self-Discovery through Trauma and Loss, offers a unique approach to the personal ebb and flow of the passages and endings that occur and exist on a soul level. The grief experience is as individual as a fingerprint. Edy introduces the Eleven Phases of grief; they move into and out of one another based on one’s distinct needs, and do not need to adhere to a specific timeline or order to be understood or used. They are based on who you are in your grief. Once you identify how you interact with the world — as an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, the tools that help you help yourself become more abundant and clear.

Featuring a compelling mix of science-based knowledge with heart-centered compassion, Edy Nathan shares a deep understanding of how grief can affect people at every level of their being. She offers workable tools from two decades of experience to help you actively shift moods, crippling thoughts, and behavior. This book is supportive without sugarcoating. The corresponding workbook features practical exercises to help without preaching or dictating how to grieve. Take your grief, engage with it, and allow the experience to be a time of insight and growth.

Book review:

It’s Grief: The Dance of Self-Discovery Through Trauma and Loss by Edy Nathan is easily the best book I have ever read on the subject of grief and loss.

With an uncomplicated approach, licensed therapist, Edy Nathan writes with compassion, knowledge and skill. Instead of what we have all heard about grief being a five step process, Nathan states that there are actually eleven phases in all. She emphasizes that the grieving process is personal and individualized to each person who experiences a loss or trauma in their life, and affects each person differently, and shouldn’t be expected to be the same for everyone. The phases can, and many times do, overlap, vary in degree and the length of time needed to get through, process and heal from. Along with her comprehensive understanding and explanation of grief and the grieving process, she provides readers with the ability to discover who they are in their grief. She gently shares the way each person deals with grief is due to the manner in which the individual interacts with others and relates to the world around them.

With excellent tools and practical exercises to give them the ability to let go of the hold that grief has on them and their life, they can begin to allow themselves to live a normal and happy life again. With her reassuring tone, she helps those who are in the grieving process to let go of the guilt that can be associated due to the feeling of betrayal toward the person or thing they have lost. Edy Nathan’s supportive calm voice reiterates the fact that because of the complexities of our brains, our minds and emotions will only allow us to move forward when it’s ready, with the goal of a balanced process. Along with offering life altering suggestions to improve resilience and self-care, Nathan also provides questions for deep self-reflection and discusses how journaling can help too. The mourning process is difficult and often times debilitating. However, if the person who is suffering through grief will do the necessary work she suggests, Edy Nathan promises that relief can be found.

It’s Grief: The Dance of Self-Discovery Through Trauma and Loss by Edy Nathan is a brilliant, helpful and supportive book, filled with everything one needs to begin to heal and live a normal life again. It is a must read, self-help book for any person who has suffered with grief, trauma or loss in their life, or knows someone who has. Highly recommended to readers, as well as, licensed therapists. Book reviewed and recommended by Chick Lit Cafe book reviews & promos.

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