Rental Secrets: Reduce Your Rent by Justin Pogue

Rental Secrets: Reduce Your Rent by Justin Pogue
Published by BookBaby on August 18, 2019
Genres: Business & Money, Personal Finance, Real Estate, Self Help
Pages: 142
Format: Paperback
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Rental Secrets: Reduce Your Rent – Get Better Value – Create Quality Communities (1) by Justin Pogue


Rental Secrets is your guide to leveraging the power you didn’t know you have in the property rental process, in any rental market. Searching for a new place to live can be a daunting task. During this process, most people believe that landlords and property management companies have all the power. After all, they own the new roof that you need. Well, I’m here to tell you that you have more power than you think. Unfortunately, that power is never used. Why? It isn’t used because people don’t know they have it. Where does this power come from? While these landlords and property management companies appear to be holding all the cards, there are realities of the property rental business that they must contend with. These realities create stress and pressure. By learning the inside secrets of the rental industry you can develop the power to relieve this stress and pressure to save hundreds of dollars renting your next home. Where do you find this insider information? Rental Secrets. This power is available to everyone, in all walks of life. No special abilities or talents are needed. And it works in both large and small cities. In both urban and rural environments. In all markets whether they are expensive or not. And best of all you can start using it today. So let’s get started…

Chick Lit Cafe’s review:

Justin Pogue is a real estate consultant and author with years of experience in the real estate and rental market. His book, Rental Secrets is an amazing resource and a must read book-  for all property renters everywhere!

As a person who has rented apartments and single family homes my entire life, Rental Secrets has proven to be a valuable resource and book for me. I always thought that landlords and property management companies wouldn’t budge on the rent they set on a rental property. That they were the ones with all the power. But, with much experience and knowledge about renting, Justin Pogue has written a book on the subject filled with methods and tips to getting the cost of rent down for an individual or family. He explains how the pressure that is on the property owner, can be relieved by the prospective renter, giving the renter the power and leverage for successful negotiation. For “anyone” who is looking for a new place to live, and feel like they can’t afford the rent in the area that they live in, Rental Secrets is the go to book for immediate help. In this short, well written and easy book to read, there are ten chapters filled with powerful and proven methods to lower the cost of rent. The author provides many flexible options for a wide variety of renters and situations, and for all people and all areas of living. This is the first book of inside secrets that I have found that talks about proven methods to get my rent down, and it has been very helpful to me. It seems like most books about the subject are written with the landlord in mind, but not this awesome book – which is for the renter. The author has a full grasp and understanding of real estate and the rental market and shares his secrets and techniques with readers which they can use and apply when seeking a new place to rent and live – at a lower cost. I feel like I can see the big picture now and I never realized, or knew that I could actually have the power to get my home rent down.

Rental Secrets takes the hassle, headache and apprehension out of the property renters mind and provides them with the knowledge, power and negotiating tools they need in order to afford the cost of where they live. This is a super book. One need not look any further for a great and easy book to understand the renters market. I’m so happy I read Rental Secrets by Justin Pogue. I now have it as a powerful companion guide filled with expert techniques – which I know will work – to lower the amount I pay on my next rental home. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource!

Purchase Rental Secrets: Reduce Your Rent – Get Better Value – Create Quality Communities (1) by Justin Pogue today! You will be thrilled you did!Alt="chick lit cafe book reviews & promotions"

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  1. I need this book. I will be getting this one. My whole family are renters. We all need this book. Thanks for such a great review and suggesting this book to me. I received your email about this one and knew I had to check it out.