Faith in Abertillery by T N Traynor

Faith in Abertillery: Christian Historical Romance by T N Traynor
on August 10, 2019
Genres: Christian Fiction, Clean Romance, Historical Fiction, Romance
Pages: 208
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Faith in Abertillery: Christian Historical Romance by T N Traynor


She’s given up on love. He’s marrying for money. But God has other plans…

South Wales, 1905. Faith only believes in the certainty of pain and suffering. Born with a club foot and harboring a dark secret, the barmaid can’t escape her sinful past. But after the country’s religious revival puts her out of a job, hope sparks when a handsome aristocrat gallantly offers her a second chance.

Lord Geoffrey Driscoll fears his estate will run out of money before he can find a suitable bride. However, the devout nobleman can’t keep his mind off the stunning redhead despite her lowly status. As the attraction between them grows, Lord Driscoll is torn between his need for a wife of means and his heart.

As Faith falls for Lord Driscoll’s kindness, she wishes that she could erase the sinful past that stands in the way of their union…

Can the troubled couple trust in God to light the way to true love?

Faith in Abertillery is a touching Christian historical romance. If you like stories of forgiveness, rich backdrops, and charming chemistry, then you’ll adore Tracy Traynor’s moving tale.

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T N Traynor’s heart-warming romance novel, Faith in Abertillery, is about finding love and growing in self-worth and faith. It is an amazing, must-read story for all historical Christian romance lovers.

It is the beginning of the 1900s and the Welsh Revival is in full gear. Unlike many in Abertillery, Faith and her mother, Nell, are unstirred by the move. Having encountered loss and unbearable pain, the two are skeptical that things could ever become better again. When Faith loses her job as a barmaid, they begin preparing for yet another move. This time, however, an unexpected visitor’s intervention halts their plans. Geoffrey is taken with Faith and wants to take care of her and her family. Faith knows, however, that falling in love is not an option for her especially with the likes of Geoffrey who is a member of the aristocracy. Nell and Faith are also concealing a secret which if revealed, has the power to destroy all their prospects in the town.

Geoffrey and Faith’s enduring love drives this beautiful romance story. Faith lives in abject poverty and the thought that a member of the nobility will take a liking to her is more than a dream to her. Geoffrey, on the other hand, is undeterred even though he could lose his family’s estate in pursuing Faith. The background events in the novel of the Welsh Revival add flavor to the work. They facilitate Faith’s development in the story as she grows from self-hatred to realizing her value and worth. In, Faith in Abertillery the supporting characters are well-developed, quirky and fit impressively with the themes of the work. The depth of the work is also developed through the use of the Welsh language in some instances which is then translated. The work progresses smoothly, allowing time for the main characters to grow and overcome personal challenges. With love as a prominent theme, all parts of the book are held together. Faith and growth are other concepts that are adeptly explored in the work by author, T N Traynor.

Faith in Abertillery by T N Traynor is more than just a love story. It inspires through its profound messages of faith and adeptly developed themes. Highly recommended by Chick Lit Cafe.
Book reviewed by Edith Emuhan for Chick Lit Cafe

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