6 Steps for Authors to Get Started on Marketing and Promoting your Book

6 Steps for Authors to Get Started on Marketing and Promoting Your Book

By Chick Lit Café and Dash Author Solutions: Promoting Authors and Their Books

Being an author is difficult. Not only do you have to write a great book, but you have to promote it, market it, acquire great book reviews, design flyers, book trailers, edit and sell it! Phew! It’s a long list. 

To make your book a success, you’ll need to know a little bit about a lot of different marketing and promotional techniques and tools. This takes time. There are few authors out there who have the expertise, never mind about the time. Time you could spend on writing.

Here’s a 6-step plan Chick Lit Café and Dash Author Solutions have put into place to help you:

  1. Get a website
  2. Create a blog and begin posting about your book
  3. Create social media accounts and begin building up your followers
  4. Get an Amazon Author page
  5. Obtain top notch book reviews
  6. Get help from experts promoting and marketing your book
  7. Start writing your next book!

By all means try to do what you can yourself. You never know how well you will manage. However, when you get stuck and have hit a wall ask for help. 

Chick Lit Café and Dash Author Solutions have combined their expertise, resources and talent to offer authors a whole range of services. 

There isn’t a one-package-fits-all approach either. You can choose one or two things to get you started or bundle up for greater impact.

Chick Lit Café brings their expertise to the table giving authors a well-rounded plan to increase book sales. Some of the services found at Chick Lit Café include:

While Dash Author Solutions utilizes its team of graphic designers and writers to create:

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If you are not sure where to start, ask us. We can help you increase book sales by getting your book in front of those readers who are going to love it leaving you time to, well, just write.

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