Book Review for Three in the Key by KC Avalon

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Sydney Fox is from a small beach town in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. Jax Jones is from a small town in Elgin, Texas. They spend a weekend filled with chemistry and passion. He is about to be drafted into the NBA. She is excited to try a long-distance relationship with him since he is a good man, unlike her ex. Will the relationship survive long-distance plus the pressures of the NBA? Find out now in this page-turner that keeps a smile on your face and gives you a little suspense.

Book review for Three in the Key:

Not just another romance book, Three in the Key by KC Avalon, will whisk you away and take you on an amazing journey. Set in the present day, this book will definitely leads the way in modern romance literature. It’s exciting, interesting and a real page turner.

Our two lovers, Jacks and Sydney, are just like any other couple, or are they? I don’t want to spoil the story, but when you begin you’ll soon learn how difficult it is to have a normal love affair when you have been drafted to the NBA and you’re about to launch your career as a special needs teacher. Does that stop them? Oh no! I really like the way Jacks and Sydney fought through the downs and celebrated the ups of their relationship.

And boy do these two know how to get it on! Yes, this is a book for over 18’s, mature readers. There are explicit sex scenes so make sure no one is looking over your shoulder on the bus! But, don’t worry, these scenes in the book are well written and are not the least bit smutty.

True love never runs to course, as they say, and the same is true for Jacks and Sydney. Real tension and drama is introduced when Sydney’s life is threatened by someone who she hoped she would never see again – a psycho ex! Things become complicated and lives are on the brink of devastation. This part of the story really tests the couple’s love for each other. Without revealing these amazing events, all I can say is I couldn’t put the book down. The captivating storyline and incredible, well developed and relatable characters will keep readers glued to the pages.

If you love a good romance thriller, you are going to swoon over Three in the Key by KC Avalon. It’s fast paced, extremely well written and full of surprises. Book review for Three in the Key by KC Avalon read and written by Chick Lit Cafe.

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