Book Review for Lumen & the Lost Luxem by E.J. Wozniak

by E.J. Wozniak
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Lumen thought he had the hang of his new life as an Eague, a water-bender in a world hidden from Earth called Bonumalus. But when he showed up for the first day of classes, there was nobody to be found. Lumen soon learns that, due to a mysterious teleportation disruption, Bonumalus travels had been rerouted to strange places filled with eerie scenes and dangerous creatures.

Now, Lumen and the other students cannot return home until the problem is fixed. In the meantime, the students of The Paxum must compete against other castes in a series of games that will test their powers, endurance, and wit.

Desperate to find a way home, Lumen and his friends work to discover who or what is rerouting travelers into dark and potentially fatal worlds. Could it be Maldeus? Or the Occultum, a secret society in the middle of the Arctic Ocean?

During their journey, Lumen and his friends must use their water-bending powers to face deadly under-water sea creatures, giant, man-eating worms, and Bonumalus Rugby, a game where most players end up burnt or broken.

Lumen and the Lost Luxem is book two in an ongoing young-adult, contemporary fantasy series.

Book Review for Lumen & the Lost Luxem:

 Lumen & the Lost Luxem by E.J. Wozniak is an extraordinary fast-paced, epic young adult fantasy. Fans of Star Wars and Harry Potter will absolutely love this incredible story. I was captivated and hooked from the very start and couldn’t put this fantastic page-turner down.

The world of Bonumalus is hidden from man and lies in its own dimension.  People and creatures arrive here by jumping through ‘windows’ which are magical portals.  The story starts off running, and doesn’t look back when the main characters discover something is wrong with the windows.  E.J. Wozniak has a terrific sense of adventure that takes us on one magic trip after another.  I especially liked Proteus’s personality, as he calmly sits on the sand and communes with the oceans.  Built into the story is man’s destruction of Earth, clearly messaging environmental issues.  For example, when the forest of angry trees uses their tentacle-like roots to try and trap Lumen and his friends, when explaining why the trees are so angry the answer is given that they want to get rid of vermin (humans) who are destroying everything.  Powerful message.  Working to hold the elements on Earth in place are the inhabitants of Bonumalus – the good guys.  The Eauge (of which Lumen is one) work with water, while the Ignous control fire to name two of many fractions.  The antagonist – who initially is not revealed, wants to destroy the world and start again, it will be up to the fractions to hold the elements on Earth in place.

Lumen and his friends dissect clues to find out what is behind the sudden disrupting of the windows.  There are lots of adventures and perilous situations that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat.  There is a definite Luke Skywalker come Harry Potter feel to Lumen, a sixteen-year-old boy who suddenly discovers his powers, and needs to unravel his past secrets to find out who he is, as well as save the planet!

E.J. Wozniak pours his imagination into this action-packed (mid-series) epic fantasy, with fantastical creatures and wonderful world-building this is a great read for young adults. His descriptive writing style, flair for charismatic narration and talent for creating unusual fascinating characters is truly remarkable and exhilarating. I am definitely going to pick up a copy of book 1 Lumen & the Thistle to enjoy more of E.J. Wozniak’s wonderful storytelling ability. Lumen & the Lost Luxem by E.J. Wozniak’s comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.  Book review written by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

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