Book Review for Sophia von X by Victoria Ray

by Victoria Ray
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Sophia von X by Victoria Ray  

Rating: 5/5

It was supposed to be a vacation, the trip to a newly discovered tomb of Jesus…When Sabina Ferrara was driving to Bingerbruck, Germany, she was hoping to put a painful marriage behind her. Certain unforeseen events turned against her and during a visit to Christ’s tomb, she is meeting Thomas von Essen – a dangerous thief, who is hiding behind the name of a decent family, pretending that he is a famous archaeologist. Against her will, Sabina is dragged into the middle of the stealing of biblical artefacts, killings and shootings. She ended up attracting the attention of an unknown enemy from Jerusalem, a wicked man called Papa Zen. A powerful mogul who knows too much about Sabina and her mysterious birthmark. She is the one he was looking for so long… 12 lost pages from the Bible. Car chasing, guns, and fights. Yakuza and Ndrangheta families. Palermo, Istanbul, Jerusalem. Deaths, tears, broken hearts. Sophia von X is a story of violence and obsession, secrets and tragedy, lies, religious hate, and love.

Book review for Sophia von X:

In Victoria Ray’s exciting thriller, Sophia von X, the protagonist travels from home in the hope of moving on from an abusive marriage but ends up in the hands of a devious impostor. A must read book – captivating and thrilling from start to finish.

Having suffered physical and emotional abuse from her ex-husband, Dario, Sabina Ferrara embarks on a road trip from Italy to Germany to visit a recently discovered tomb of special Christian significance. At the site, she bumps into Thomas von Essen who is posing as a reputable archaeologist. Unbeknownst to Sabina, Thomas is a calculating thief working with a powerful gang. Sabina becomes fascinated with the handsome Thomas and follows him to Istanbul. A teacher of Philosophy, Sabina is also thrilled at the thought of visiting the impressive Hagia Sophia. In Istanbul, Sabina is amazed by the delicious cuisine, rich culture, and striking historical architecture. However, a risky heist results in sudden changes and Sabina is introduced into a world she never could have imagined before.

In Sophia von X, Sabina’s change from a naïve and sensitive person to a tough, undeterred woman is fascinating. Other characters are equally intriguing, including the cunning Thomas and other members of the gang who are experienced criminals. The novel’s pace is brisk, with different twists and numerous action scenes. The book also covers an extensive range of themes including domestic violence, criminality, and loss. Throughout the plot, Sabina and other people’s lives are continuously threatened which makes the novel a thrilling read. Lives are also lost in trying to protect and sell the stolen artifact which makes each scene’s outcome suspenseful. A deranged Dario closely follows Sabina adding another captivating twist to the story. Sophia von X is an absorbing mystery thriller that contains unexpected descriptive scenes, unique characters, and an unpredictable plot. Sophia von X by Victoria Ray comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book review for Sophia von X read and written by Edith Emunah for CLC.

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