Unmask the Lust, the Lie, the Affair by P. Pena

by P. Pena
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Alt="Unmask the Lust the Lie, the Affair"Unmask the Lust, the Lie, the Affair by P. Pena 

Unmask the Lust, the Lie, the Affair: The Simple but Clever Guide on How to Catch a Cheater by P. Pena.

Are you questioning your partner’s loyalty? Noticing behavior that makes you wonder about their fidelity? This book will give you a step-by-step guide on how to expose the truth.

Feeling like your partner is not being loyal to you, or worse, that they are cheating on you is terrible. It leaves you with a knot in your stomach and makes you wonder where they are whenever they go out.

Stop wondering and find out using the detailed steps outlined in this guide.

In Unmask the Lust, the Lie, the Affair I will teach you how to assess the situation, raise your awareness on behaviors, provide you with various tactics either with or without technology, and lead you towards your goal of exposing the truth. Follow my guide at your pace and your terms. You hold the key to your future. Go on, I urge you, unmask the truth.

If you feel your partner is not being truthful, it’s time to uncover the truth. Life is too short to live a lie.

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Chick Lit Café’s Review:

Unmask the Lust, the Lie, the Affair P. Pena is excellently described by its sub-title: The simple but clever guide on how to catch a cheater.  This is a self-help book for anyone who thinks their partner might be cheating, which looks at the question – what to do next?

This intelligent and helpful book on how to catch a cheat is for anyone who is going through the agony of suspecting their other half of cheating. This book offers not only steps on how to catch them out, but also solid advice on what to do if their beliefs are confirmed.  Practically, there are lots of pointers to help you make a precise decision.  The first list of questions leads you to confirm or deny your belief in your partner’s infidelity.  After going through the questions if you are still convinced of their affair then there is a list of practical steps you can take to get the proof to confirm your beliefs.  In fact, after reading this I find it hard to believe that in this day and age of modern technology that anyone can get away with anything, unless of course your partner is happy to look the other way, which let’s face it for different reasons some people are.  But, if you’re intent on finding out the truth, then your progress into amateur sleuth will begin with the purchase of this remarkable book.

Beyond the intriguing cloak and dagger and domestic spy chapters comes the most important part, what do you do if your suspicions are confirmed?  This is where the book holds its own and deserves to be read.  The advice is unemotional, practical and positive.  The last page of the book is the jewel in the crown and should be printed out and kept as a daily mantra, it is called the resurrection for good reason, because a new you is being born, whether you recognize it or not.

P. Pena has put together an extraordinary compact guide to help people move forward in what can be a most distressing situation.  His advice is clear, precise and encouraging, therefore, Unmask the Lust, the Lie, the Affair: The Simple but Clever Guide on How to Catch a Cheater comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book read and reviewed by T N Traynor for CLC Book Reviews & Promotion.

Purchase Unmask the Lust, the Lie, the Affair: The Simple but Clever Guide on How to Catch a Cheater by P. Pena and discover the truth today!
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