Book Review for Restoring Patterns by Gabrielle F Culmer 

by Gabrielle F Culmer
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Restoring Patterns by Gabrielle F Culmer 

Kascey Kann is a focused, cutting-edge fashion designer ready to take New York City by storm. She is in the process of breaking away from her current employer and starting her own clothing line. Meanwhile, her financier boyfriend, Grady Chisholm, is setting up a new Ipo. In the midst of their busy working lives in the city and global business commitments, Kascey and Grady find time for relaxing summers in Cape Cod and Monaco. What’s more, they are about to formalize their relationship through marriage. Life seems good. But when unexpected setbacks force them to reevaluate their working lives, they must start the process of rebuilding while turning to each other for support. As Kascey and Grady struggle to cling to their principles and triumph in their business endeavors, they rely on their relationship as the foundation for their lives. But are they on the road to success? In this modern professional romance, a hardworking and enterprising couple provide encouragement to one another as they forge a path toward entrepreneurial achievement.

Book review for Restoring Patterns:

Restoring Patternsby Gabrielle F Culmer is a lovely, articulate and touchingly-sweet romance with wonderful characters and a memorable story.

Tender is the word that springs to mind when I think about describing this lovely story.  We follow the lives of Kascey Kann and her family and friends.  Kascey is an assistant designer for the kind and big-hearted, Vasquez.  In fact, he considers Kascey to be his protégé.  We follow her life a bit like a fly-on-the-wall, watching special moments that she wants to treasure forever, and even her mistakes.  Kascey is talented, and one day would like her own company.  In the meantime she is happy to help and learn from Vasquez.  The special man in her life is her boyfriend Grady Chrisholm, and we watch as the two are drawn slowly together in a loving and tender way.  We learn about both Kascey and Grady’s families, and the more we learn the more we like them.  Everyone is positive and also hard-working, at both work and their relationships.

The book takes us from the interesting realms of planning and production in New York, to a European show.  The Paris show and following mini break, was so romantic and it really made me wish to visit there.  We get to see all its glitz and glamour behind launching a new line of clothes, but also the problems and hard work that goes into producing a fashion show.  Throughout all the events, we also see the family get-together’s such as thanksgiving, whilst watching the blossoming romance between Kascey and Grady.

Gabrielle F Culmer has crafted a romantic, realistic story in an eloquent and easy-to-read style.  This is a beautifully calm and easy read, and I really appreciated the relaxing mood in this treasure of a tale.  Restoring Patterns by Gabrielle F Culmer comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book review for Restoring Patterns read and written by TN Traynor for Chick Lit Café.

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