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Graves for Drifters and Thieves by Sophia Minetos
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The Hespyrian West is a place for legends and lawless men. Here, Jae Oldridge works as a bounty hunter, getting by with her wits, her magic map, and not much else. At seventeen, she hunts not for money or glory, but to find her missing father-kidnapped by ghost riders three years back.

When a saloon brawl brings Jae to the enigmatic Harney gang, she feigns interest in assisting them, hoping to turn them in later on. Survivors of the Arrowwood War, the gang pillages silver, without interest in much else… and no one knows why. The gang is led by two brothers: the stern, commanding Halston and headstrong, fiery Hodge. Joining them is an aristocrat-turned-outlaw, a rugged, snake-skinned Azmarian, and a young storyteller with a mysterious past.

Trekking across the wilderness, the group encounters warlocks, monsters, and gunfights in the service of Sterling Byrd: the gang’s crooked boss. Jae learns that the gang is not what they seem. They also stand on a razor’s edge; not just with the law, but with Sterling himself. Jae finds herself growing closer to the Harneys… especially Halston.

Staying with the gang could lead Jae to a noose’s end, but Halston harbors a secret that could change her life forever. It is then Jae learns that her loyalties-wherever they may lie-do not come without a price.

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So much more than a young adult western Graves for Drifters & Thieves by Sophia Minetos is also a paranormal adventure, with page-turning suspense!

The title is captivating and as soon as I saw it I looked forward to reading the book.  Beyond the title I was impressed with how beautifully the book is laid out and the care and attention that has gone into editing.  On top of that, there is a map which just adds to the professional touch.  I wasn’t disappointed, from the opening prologue where Jae’s dad is whisked away by ghosts I knew I was in for a good read.  Jae determines to do whatever it takes to save her dad by going to the Outlands, a place guarded by the Rangers and almost impossible to enter.  Aged only fifteen, and armed with a magical map and her dad’s compass Jae faces forward and begins her long journey.  Two years later she is a gun-slinging bounty hunter determined to earn her living until she can find a way into the Outlands.  When she comes across the Harney gang, she sees an opportunity to earn more money.  Things go topsy-turvy when she not only begins to like the members but has growing feelings for the leader, Halston.  I found this to be a complete page-turner, and I was disappointed whenever I had to put it down.  When I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about the characters and what might happen next, an indicator to how much I enjoyed reading it.  A really great young adult, paranormal western!

Sophia Minetos is an author to watch, this is an amazing beginning to what looks like a fabulous series to come.  The writing flows making it easy to read and giving it a quick pace which I love in books.  Her characters are great and well-defined and her plot superb!  Graves for Drifters and Thieves by Sophia Minetos is not only a great title but also a great paranormal western as well, and therefore comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

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