Warpaint: A Rollercoaster Romantic Comedy by J. J. Maya

Warpaint: A Rollercoaster Romantic Comedy Series: A Makeup Artist in New York Trilogy

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Alt="warpaint by j. j. maya"Warpaint: A Rollercoaster Romantic Comedy (A Makeup Artist in New York Trilogy) by J. J. Maya

WARPAINT Is The Heartwarming and Hilarious Rom Com Read of 2020! – Will Willow Steal Your Heart? Readers Are Falling In Love With Warpaint!

When Scottish Makeup Artist Willow Campbell meets dashing New Yorker, Rick, and marries him after a whirlwind romance, her new life in NYC is far from the perfect fresh start she imagined.

Ignoring the warnings of her colleagues on the beauty hall floor, Willow headed off into the sunset with Rick…but his “Manhattan” loft is a bedsit in Queens and his ex, Isabella, appears to be in residence.

Scorned Isabella alerts the authorities of a suspected “Green Card Marriage,” setting off a chain reaction with dramatic consequences.

Now, faced with the threat of deportation and her marriage over before it had the chance to begin, will Willow find the courage to stay in New York and make all her makeup artistry dreams come true? Warpaint is Book One in A Makeup Artist in New York Trilogy.

Chick Lit Cafe’s Book Review:

A great addition to women’s fiction, Warpaint by J. J. Maya is a humorous rendition of starting a new life in New York.  Everyday woman, Willow starts afresh in more than one way when she leaves everything familiar behind and moves from Scotland to the Big Apple.  Amusing and lighthearted, with undercurrents of ‘finding one’s self’ and standing on your own feet make this an engaging read.    

There’s nothing I like more than curling up on the sofa with a book I can’t put down, and Warpaint was such a book!  What I loved about Willow is the fact that she is an everyday woman with real problems.  This isn’t one of those billionaire romances; this is normal and relatable and is much more entertaining for it.  Slightly overweight, prone to making the wrong decisions’ oh, and picking the wrong men, meet Willow… makeup artist and new world adventurer!  The mixed up hero/villain, whisking her off her feet in a whirlwind romance, is Rick.  After only six weeks of knowing each other they are married and on their way to his apartment in NY.  The reality of life in NY is described with much affectionate humor.  The introduction to her ant invaded apartment had me chuckling for ages, dashed is her Hollywood vision of sophisticated Manhattan, replaced by the cold reality of living in Queens.  Also dashed is her whimsical belief of being in love and a happy ever after, when the jealous ex-girlfriend arrives on the scene to ruin their relationship.  Add to that the tribulations of obtaining her Green Card and you’ll understand this is no fairy tale, it is better than that: funny and moving and a story where we root for the girl to come good.  Willow’s passionate about her job, whether she’s doing makeup for celebrities or everyday women.  Her love of helping people look the best they can emanates from her when a woman, who is obviously recovering from cancer, has a make-over that fills her with confidence.  To infuse someone with self-confidence must surely be one of the best jobs in the world!

J. J. Maya’s writing style has an easy flow making this Chick-Lit book a quick page-turner.  With a unique plot and an endearing heroine, this is a great book to curl up with and forget the world for a moment.  Warpaint by J. J. Maya is the perfect romantic comedy read, and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café Books, Reviews & Author Services.

Don’t miss out on this original, entertaining, heartfelt and LOL romantic comedy!!
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