The Honeymooner by Melanie Summers – Book Review

The Honeymooner (A Paradise Bay Romantic Comedy) by Melanie Summers
Series: Paradise Bay

Genres: Humorous, Romance, Romantic Comedy, women's fiction
Pages: 246
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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The Honeymooner (A Paradise Bay Romantic Comedy) by Melanie Summers 


From bestselling author Melanie Summers comes the wickedly funny, ridiculously romantic spinoff of her highly-acclaimed Crown Jewels Series… Twenty-nine-year-old workaholic Libby Dewitt lives by the motto ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ She’s finally about to start her dream life with her steady-as-a-rock fiancé, Richard Tomy. Together, they’re the perfect power couple—right down to the fact that he’s agreed to use their honeymoon to help further her career in mergers and acquisitions. But ten minutes before the wedding, her dreams dissolve via text message. Devastated and humiliated, Libby escapes to Paradise Bay alone. She’s got two goals for her trip: to devise a plan to get Richard back and to convince resort owner Harrison Banks to sell his property to her company. Unfortunately, when she arrives, she discovers that tall, dark, and built, Harrison is not about to make anything easy for her. Instead, he derails her plans while at the same time, bringing out a side of Libby she’s kept carefully tucked away—a carefree, adrenaline junkie. After a few days together, Harrison’s got her wondering if the life she always wanted was meant for some other girl. Suddenly, Libby must decide which version of herself she wants to be. Will she go back to her comfortable, safe life, or risk everything to be with the only man who’s ever made her feel truly alive? Full-color Book Lover’s Edition featuring color maps and brochures.


The Honeymooner (A Paradise Bay Romantic Comedy) by Melanie Summers hits the ground running in this LOL, romantic comedy filled with witty narrative, memorable endearing characters and a fun original storyline. Set in the beautiful, tropical Caribbean islands, I was swept in by the colorful setting and the fun and intriguing romance story of two very unlikely people with nothing in common…so it seems.

After being dumped by her fiancé, Libby Dewitt, an uptight young woman who plans out everything in her life to the tee, decides to go to their honeymoon destination, Paradise Bay by herself. Her first “plan” is to show her (now ex) fiancé that she can be fun by doing something unplanned and on the spur of the moment – and be a bit reckless too, in hopes of winning back his heart while doing so. Her second “plan,” while in Paradise Bay, is to successfully get a promotion by helping the big hotel company she works for to take over the struggling Paradise Bay Resort by getting the owner Harrison Banks to sign off on it, and give up his beautiful family owned resort – which he is not about to do, now or ever! But, what Libby didn’t “plan” on is not only the fact that Harrison would be so determined to keep his resort, but also that he would be so attractive in such a powerful way that she was spellbound by him. Right from their very first meeting, sparks fly and they are attracted to one another. However, Libby and Harrison are opposites in their personalities and ways of tackling life. Libby is too organized and likes to control everything in her life. While Harrison has a light-hearted, lively and easy going personality and lives an active adventurous life. So how can this miss-matched couple, with nothing in common, yet both feel the desire between them, make it in a relationship and love? This is where our fabulous, clever author, Melanie Summers really drew me in. As Libby and Harrison get to know each other better, spending time together at the gorgeous enchanting Paradise bay, they begin to learn they are not all that different and do have similar things in common. As Melanie Summers narrates the backstories for each of these wonderful characters, readers learn of the histories of their family lives, which in turn formed their personalities and ways at looking at life. We discover they both carry much emotional baggage into their adult lives and relationships. With all of that and with what seems to be impossible, it turns out that each have what the other one needs.

Melanie Summers writes an endearing, relatable and realistic story with a delightful welcome twist – she makes it hilarious while describing the things that these characters have gone through and are experiencing. Along with her expressive descriptions of the tropical paradise, readers will laugh at and fall in love with her characters, all while feeling like they know them and are vacationing at Paradise Bay with them. Within The Honeymooners book, Melanie Summers has also included some enchanting, whimsical and colorful maps, a wedding invitation and some other visual surprises to delight the reader’s eye.

While I have read, and absolutely loved, many of Melanie Summer’s incredible 5 star romantic comedy books, The Honeymooner has to be my favorite so far. The Honeymooner is sure to become a bestseller. Filled with comical scenarios, laugh out loud situations, fun witty dialog between the characters and the, oh so, blissful romance, The Honeymooner by Melanie Summer is a must read book which Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends.Alt="chick lit cafe for melanie summers"


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