What Is Present Reality by Vipin Gupta  

What Is Present Reality: The Power of Managing the Limits of Science by Vipin Gupta
Series: Discovering the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature

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Alt="what Is present reality"What Is Present Reality: The Power of Managing the Limits of Science by Vipin Gupta  

Discovering the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature – Book 2

What Is Present Reality: The Power of Managing the Limits of Science challenges the classical determinism, neoclassical thermodynamism, modern probabilistic relativism, as well as post-modern quantum indeterminism notions of knowing the present reality. It examines the diverse doctrines for planning the future reality. It shows that the present reality is neither the general notion about what it is nor the specific notion of what it is not. As a general notion, the present reality is a sum of the specific past realities conceived at varying time moments. It is historical, knowable, and therefore, deterministic. As a specific notion the present reality is the generalized value of the varying future realities that may manifest with what one conceives in the present moment. It is conditioned by the cultural knowledge and, therefore, is a weighted average of the varying cultural linkages one has at the present moment.   The present reality is we as the makers of the diverse future realities, of varying energy values that transcend the single value of energy defined by Einstein’s famous energy equation.

The book is available in a full edition of 550+ pages that includes detailed tables, indices, and illustrations for one with special interest, and a nutshell edition of ~300 pages, intended for one with general interest in understanding the present reality.   The full edition is available in color hardcover, black & white paperback, and kindle.  The nutshell edition is available in black & white paperback and kindle unlimited.   

Rave Reviews:

“What is Present Reality” is a well-written must read for people who wonder about where they are in their life today and where they want to be tomorrow, because by understanding how present reality comes to be, they will uncover how to manifest the desired future. – Susan Violante, Reader Views 

“Have you ever felt muddled between thoughts and slowly failing to comprehend what is real and what is an illusion? This book works out through 18 chapters in which the author describes how an entity whose divine energy has been channelized properly can realize all the dimensions of reality.” – Atrayee Bhattacharya, Criticspace Journals 

“The knowledge that I gained from reading this book helped me realize that if my present reality is created by my past realities and influenced by my cultural conditioning, I can help create my future reality by utilizing the information that is being presented now that I am aware of it.” – Paige Lovitt, Reader Views 

“Move through the pages and you can realize how a mere thought process can shape up your reality. The author gives a very good example. ‘I am what I believe in’- this kind of thought shapes your present reality. ‘I do what I believe in’ is an action oriented speech and shapes your future reality.” – Atrayee Bhattacharya, Criticspace Journals 

“I feel like I am being given access to some extraordinary knowledge which was previous inaccessible. “What is Present Reality,” is highly recommended reading for people who want to explore concepts surrounding their reality and utilize the knowledge gained to learned how to lead better lives. “– Paige Lovitt, Reader Views 

“Phenomenal, Educational and a Miraculous Perspective!  One can find the author bringing in cohesion between thermodynamics, theory of relativity and quantum studies within our daily life activities. Can you believe there are energies of togetherness, otherness, attraction, repulsion and all which apparently determine our concept of reality?” – Atrayee Bhattacharya, Criticspace Journals 

“When I read Dr. Gupta’s writings, he makes me feel like he has tapped into this incredible source of knowledge and he is surfing along on waves of the energy emanating from it as he is reaching out to help his readers connect to it.” – Paige Lovitt, Reader Views 

“When a book is made to enrich our wisdom towards an organized life, it cannot be an easy or one-go read. You might need more time than usual to read such a masterpiece.  The readers will get 3Is while reading this book. Informative, Instructive and Illuminating.”  – Atrayee Bhattacharya, Criticspace Journals 

“Dr. Gupta is helping us wake up so that we open our eyes and see our reality. In doing so, the limitations and boundaries that have been set forth by modern science are lifted and we are also reunited with the knowledge given to us by Mother Nature.”  – Page Lovitt, Reader Views 

‘What is Present Reality’ is bound to revolutionize modern science as well as metaphysics.  It demonstrates the importance of thinking beyond traditional Western findings when addressing divinity, spirituality, or the universe as a whole. – Sanjay Gupta, Yahoo! 

What Is Present Reality: The Power of Managing the Limits of Science by Dr. Vipin Gupta comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café Books & Reviews.

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Alt="Dr. Vipin Gupta"What Is Present Reality: The Power of Managing the Limits of Science by Vipin Gupta
Series: Discovering the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature
on January 12, 2021
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