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Fire and Harmony by A. F. Agui
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Poetry is the transfer of feelings and emotions onto the blank page. Great poetry shakes the heart and wakes the soul. Dare to read this collection; give yourself the opportunity to have your brain picked, heart squeezed, and soul poked. All poems are open to interpretation. If there’s one, two, or a few that don’t sit well with you, don’t get offended or startled. Maybe look and ask yourself why they hit you the way they did. Understand that when we get tangled in our feelings, we tend to say and write things that might seem harsh. But we really don’t mean those things-maybe-sometimes. This work of poetry goes into an array of emotions of today’s man because we have feelings too. In the five phases of the book, you’ll find poetry that aligns with mental health, love, motivation, being a man, and family. The poems carry sentiments of everyday life. We all experience highs and lows and sometimes struggle to find balance.

Chick Lit Café Book Review:

Fire and Harmony by A. F. Agui is honest, relatable, touching and thought-provoking, everything you want in extraordinary poetry! This profound & meaningful poetry will shake your heart and awaken your soul!!

As a collection of poems in five parts, Fire and Harmony conveys a universal truth about the human condition.  I rather think that the truth you’ll discover will reflect on your current position in life.  For our eyes see and our minds translate, according to our own perspective.  But I will share with you what I saw… I saw that life is not perfect; that love can let us down but that we shouldn’t give up on it, and that through words we can share our existence and lessons learned.  The poet has found few words to express much – and he’s very good at it.  There are just enough droplets of life in his words, splashes of ink on paper, to create a waterfall of impressions that encourage the reader to go deep inside themselves.  I particularly liked the ethos of reaching for positivity, accepting the negative in your life doesn’t mean you have to stay drowning in it.  Bulldoze that wall of insecurities the author tells us, how right he is!  This book is a celebration of life, remembering the lows but not wallowing in them, and these poems will take you on a journey and touch your heart.     

A. F. Agui writes from his heart.  Expressing much by saying little is an art form he has truly mastered.  His poems are sure to resonate with many readers, especially men – for after all… ‘We (men) have feelings too.’  As J. Patrick Lewis says, poetry is a blind date with enchantment, and this master of words is sure to enchant you.  Fire and Harmony by A. F. Agui is highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. 

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