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Is Divine Energy: The Secret of the Limitless Immanent Value by Vipin Gupta
Series: Discovering the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature

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Is Divine Energy: The Secret of the Limitless Immanent Value by Vipin Gupta

Is Divine Energy: The secret of the limitless immanent value is a profound explanation of why divine is a state of mind.  Our divinity is the impact we make through our conscious decisions.  We also reproduce transcendental divinity by para-consciously letting our decisions be guided by a para entity’s divine plan.  After that, we seek to invest our divine energy to compensate for programmatic, evolution-guided behaviors and become a revolutionary servicing our supernatural impact.  What begins with a linear proportionality of each person’s intrinsic divinity transforms into a nonlinear proportionality of the extrinsic divinity and motivates a parabolic proportionality of the person’s present, absolute divinity.  The infinity of microcosmic parabolic reactions constitutes a chaotic reality at the macrocosmic level.  The chaotic reality lets the first moving, primordial entities enjoy a disproportionate conscious benefit of growth in their divinity.  The later evolving, primeval entities suffer a disproportionate conscious cost of entropy in their divinity.

At any moment, the present entity has a choice not to be either the evolved and constrained follower or the revolving and constraining leader.   A present entity may decide to be a freedom entrepreneur, inspiring everybody to be the revolutionary and appropriate the entire evolutionary benefit of devoted followership of the perpetuating para deity oneself.

For avoiding the certainty of the survival of only the one who is free from the two-dimensional present-effect as the fittest, we need to master the technique of responsibly managing the divine element.  Is Divine Energy highlights how by opening one’s mind, one may become free from the theory-effect of a culturally-binding primordial creator and the ideal-effect of a consciousness-binding absolute creature.  It demonstrates how each primeval creation of Mother Nature can enjoy the limitless transformations of the desired mood, destiny, divinity, and eternity using the self as the immanent value.   It elegantly integrates and resolves grand challenges in a range of scientific disciplines and metaphysical discourses.

The book is available in a full edition of 550+ pages that includes detailed tables, indices, and illustrations for one with special interest, and a nutshell edition of ~300 pages, intended for one with general interest in understanding the present reality.   The full edition is available in color hardcover, black & white paperback, and kindle.  The nutshell edition is available in black & white paperback, kindle unlimited, and audible.

Is Divine Energy by Vipin Gupta

What Readers are Saying:

A thoroughly researched work, exemplary language, Dr Gupta’s profound knowledge and expertise are well reflected in his work.  One is made to retrospect the notions of divine and divinity and of course, the deity one believes in.  By the end of it, the readers will be left to enjoy divinity through knowing the reality.  — Atrayee Bhattacharya @ The Literature Today

Is Divine Energy is a detailed and deliberate execution of various theories to develop the self-awareness of one’s divinity. It deciphers the divine is more than just energy. It deals with how an entity remains the source of energy for the divine element and how divine planning is essential for the divine energy.  — Atrayee Bhattacharya @ The Literature Today

A bucket full of fresh discoveries about life, reality and divinity.  So, Is this book all about divinity and retrospection of reality? Absolutely not. Go through the resource-based theory and you will find a whole new dimension of strategic management for any organization. There prevails a deductive method and deep conceptuality in every detail. — Atrayee Bhattacharya @ The Literature Today

Divinity, as described in this book, is one’s power to radiate the effect of one’s imagination for transforming someone’s divine energy. This book further demands a deep investigation of the various techniques for developing self-awareness of one’s divinity.  A 5/5 rating. Well explained, foolproof writing and very well researched. — Aashi Vats @ Criticspace Journals

What resonated with me is the question of ‘Are humans Divine?’ I have been on a spiritual journey for a few years now, looking into the philosophies and beliefs of different cultures to expand my knowledge on why we are here and how we relate to what surrounds us. I feel Vipin Gupta’s books have taken my journey to the next level. — Susan Violante @ ReaderViews

In this book, the author focuses on Divine Energy in our Present Reality. The reader will explore Divine Reality from the Atomic, cellular, and spiritual levels dissecting it to understand its DNA and different transformations within the animate and inanimate expressions of divine energy. — Susan Violante @ ReaderViews

“Is Divine Energy” is thought provoking and enlightening. What is surprising to me, in this and other books in the series, is that as I read the complex and technical information and consider questions that have lingered for a lifetime, answers pop up in my mind unexpectedly. A Five-Star must-read. — Susan Violante @ ReaderViews

5* An Exceptional Read.  “Is Divine Energy,” involves an informative, comprehensive discussion on why the divine is a state of mind. Our divinity is influenced by the deliberate choices we make. I recognize the importance of being aware of where my divine energy originates and the kind of impact my conscious decisions can make.  – Paige Lovitt @ ReaderViews

Our immanent value is something that is intrinsic and inherent to us. I was impacted most when Gupta discusses the importance of the path to becoming conscious of our “knower reality,” which is “a creator of the diverse mental realities.” How we utilize this knowledge is reflective of our divinity. – Paige Lovitt @ ReaderViews

I decided to go with the flow and read, while noting particular areas that resonate most with me for where I am currently at in my journey. I would find myself having some very interesting dreams, that made me feel like my mind was still processing information. When I later returned to reading, I felt like I had a greater understanding. – Paige Lovitt @ ReaderViews

Studying this series has had an amazing impact on my life. Dr. Gupta has helped educate me on how to be more aware of how I impact my present reality and divine energy. While I keep in mind the principles that he has been teaching, I view things much differently now. These things involve my sleep, nutrition, exercise, and organization in my surroundings. – Paige Lovitt @ ReaderViews

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Is Divine Energy: The Secret of the Limitless Immanent Value by Vipin Gupta

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