What is Consciousness by Vipin Gupta

What Is Consciousness: The Factor Creating the Law of Limitation by Vipin Gupta
Series: Discovering the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature

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Alt="what Is consciousness"What Is Consciousness: The Factor Creating the Law of Limitation – Book 5 (Discovering the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature) by Vipin Gupta

What Is Consciousness by Vipin Gupta

What Is Consciousness: The Factor Creating the Law of Limitation is an eye-opening investigation of how what we know limits our power to know the unknown.

Have you ever wondered why some people know what you do not?  Why you have to read books, research an issue, practice a project, or scientifically study a subject to know something that some can explain spontaneously using intuitive reasoning?  For instance, you may have waited to watch others’ experiences before deciding to take precautions to protect your kin and kith from COVID-19.   Until those became martyrs, you were willing to put your wellness to the hands of a tiny virus you thought had virtually no existence.   Why did we not know that a virus has the potential to cause an infectious, morbid, and deadly global pandemic in a globally connected world, bringing even the wealthiest of nations to a standstill?

Was it because such an eventuality was not knowable through the systems of knowing we had, such as the scientific knowledge?   Or did we create the uncertainty due to the certainty we felt in our supernatural intellectual and physical endowments?

India has become a classic case study.   India was an early mover in creating mass awareness about the need for diligence and had one of the lowest infectivity and mortality in 2020.   It led to a theory that people of India have an innate immunity because of the impoverished conditions.   In 2021, this theoretical consciousness became the cause for falsifying the theory that made people lax to the self-evident risk in their backyard.

Reader reviews:

A unique, introspective analysis of the nature of the human mind and our ability to perceive the world around us, make decisions and engage in critical thinking, and, overall, an investigation into what truly makes us ‘aware.’ In essence, how do humans use their conscious minds and thoughts to fill the “void.” – Megan Weiss @ ReaderViews

One thing I especially enjoyed about Gupta’s “What is Consciousness?” was how he envisioned multiple different types of consciousness. I have not read many books on the subject that are up to this caliber of research and detail. I would find myself reading along, getting sucked into Gupta’s almost fantastical, story-teller like tone. – Megan Weiss @ ReaderViews

“What Is Consciousness?” is a great read for anyone who wants to learn about the capabilities of the human mind, and how there is so much we do not know about what it can do, partly due to unconscious limitations placed upon ourselves by our own thoughts and ideas and partly due to the fact that science simply hasn’t advanced quite that far yet.  – Megan Weiss @ ReaderViews

There are some fascinating discussions that involve comparing how animate and inanimate entities can influence our consciousness. The discourse points to the benefit of the readers focusing their energy on channeling their consciousness into being their individual self, rather than exchanging their consciousness with either animate or inanimate entities.  – Paige Lovitt @ReaderViews

I realized that I do need to focus my energy on what I allow to come into my consciousness because this has a direct impact on my reality. I will be working on setting stronger boundaries around what I will accept. I also found it interesting to read about the idea that our consciousness doesn’t end when we die. It changes, but it doesn’t end. – Paige Lovitt @ReaderViews

“What is Consciousness,” would make a fascinating selection for some type of reader’s group, such as a college STEM club or for an organization like IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences). I would love to sit in on one of these discussions because it would be fascinating to hear the impact that this book has had on others. – Paige Lovitt @ReaderViews

What Is Consciousness is an investigation of how humans conceive ideas, how we culturally discover our alternate reality and then subject it to scientific evaluation. The preface charts out how the varying reality is actually responsible for altering our consciousness. An intentional cohesion is put forth between cultural wisdom, science, and metaphysics. – Aashi Dewangan @The Criticspace Journals

Vipin Gupta’s What Is Consciousness can be your next guide to awaken you from the deadening slumber of ignorance. Like its predecessors, this book too is thoughtfully composed. The core idea resides in the investigation of how a human mind conceives an idea as a linear image to fill the void in our consciousness. – Atrayee Bhattacharya @The Literature Today

The ontological meaning of consciousness, as described in the book is very intriguing. If you think, consciousness is only meant for living entity, then your notion will be negated by this book. As it says- epistemologically, even the non-living entities have consciousness of their potential to be a living entity. In short, this book is a conscious effort to kindle our consciousness in a multidimensional realm. -Atrayee Bhattacharya @The Literature Today

This book helps in understanding and managing the limits of the scientific methods for researching. It teaches us the technique to transform a possibility into certainty. An academic book, thoroughly researched and explicitly elaborated with a liberated and unafraid mindset. One can sense a strong determination in crossing the traditional boundaries. – Atrayee Bhattacharya @The Literature Today

Chick Lit Café highly recommends What Is Consciousness: The Factor Creating the Law of Limitation (Discovering the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature) by Vipin Gupta

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