The Man, His Woman, His Call, Chicago by Theresa A. Laws

The Man, His Woman, His Call, Chicago by Theresa A. Laws
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Oh, I had heard about the trials and triumphs of the great and majestic city of Chicago. Can’t say I’d ever want to live there. I am a small-town guy myself. Maybe that is why He sent me and my family to lodge there temporarily as a test of my faith to learn, train and to teach. And yes sir, we were definitely tested. My wife struggled in the beginning, but she got on board quickly to help finish our call. Iron does sharpen iron and we’re a great team as you’ll no doubt see.

So come join me, the newly ordained Pastor Jack Riley and my wife, Cynthia, as we navigate the streets and culture of Chi-town to do God’s bidding. I manage to keep my humor and wits about me as I am called to take over a failing church in the inner city. Circumstances can get a little trying as I am surrounded by a host of family issues and all that result from the human condition called life.

This book also covers a controversial topic, that is a real-life issue, but it is handled in a sensitive manner. It is a deep emotional filled ride, laced with humor and a glorious satisfying ending, proving that if each one can reach one, we would see the change. And as the Riley family learned, if He calls you elsewhere it is for your good and the good of others.

Chick Lit Cafe’s book review:

The Man, His Woman, His Call, Chicago by Theresa A. Laws is a sweet and moving Christian romance.  With beautiful stories of faith wrapped in a loving praying family this is a must-read that is inspiring and uplifting.

Pastor Jack Riley is a man after God’s own heart.  He’s a man who has suffered heartache and yet still sinks to his knees in prayer and thanks giving.  Blessed with a young son called Lil’ J, and a new sweetheart of a wife called Cynthia, Jack is quick to give thanks.  On hearing God tell Jack that He has a new mission for him, Jack is anxious about Cynthia’s response.  She really doesn’t want to leave Mississippi, her family and friends and move to Chicago.  But she’s a faith-filled woman who understands that her husband must answer to his calling.  This is Jack and Cynthia’s story.  It is moving and inspirational and a delight to read.  Called out of their comfort zone the couple grow in love and faith as they obediently serve God with cheerful hearts, and the knowledge that prayer changes things – including people with cold hearts.  I was touched by the sweet story of Alice Smith and sobbed over Trey’s story – which was totally uplifting, how I wish I could see miracles in my life!  This is an easy, light read with a moving and tender story.

Theresa A. Laws has crafted a lovely faith-filled story that was a delight to read.  The Man, His Woman, His Call, Chicago is a beautiful Christian romance that comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by TN Traynor for Chick Lit Café.

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