What is Para Consciousness by Vipin Gupta

What is Para-Consciousness: The Potential Beyond What We Know by Vipin Gupta
Series: What is Para-Consciousness: The Discovering the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature #6

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Alt="what is para consciousness"What is Para Consciousness by Vipin Gupta

What is Para-Consciousness: The Potential Beyond What We Know (Discovering the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature) by Vipin Gupta

What is Para-Consciousness: The Potential Beyond What We Know shakes the very foundations of the modern knowledge-based theories and economic models.  

Have you ever realized that the present reality zeros the value of experience-derived consciousness? Unless you wish to reproduce and relive your or somebody else’s past, it makes no sense to use that experience.   If we exclude you, the person making a decision when to use or not use the experience, then the ideal you use to create the consciousness of what you should do in the present, akin to religious fervor, is quantum gravity.  It overshadows your potential to be spontaneous, joyful, and divine.

A self-luminous element guides your ability to decide when to activate experience instead of improvising based on the situation’s needs.  A self-luminous element is like an astrological element; it has an innate power to predict the future of everything since it mirrors the present of everybody.  The present astrological chart shows your correlation as a person with each of the planetary bodies.
Each planetary body signifies a unique group of entities in your life, such as the self, the spouse, the siblings, the father, the mother, the ancestors, the kin, the kith, the foe, the leaders, the followers, and the material wealth.   Your network of relationships at present shapes your workforce in the future.  It also shapes the exchange of your experience with the future mood spontaneity, joyful destiny, and behavioral divinity.  Stronger the network entanglement, the weaker your self-luminosity.   Dependence on the borrowed consciousness limits your potential to live a fresh life, free of the limits of everybody’s experiences.

Reader reviews:

“What is Para Consciousness?” is an intriguing, slightly mysterious work that I would recommend to those who want to challenge their minds and broaden their literary repertoires. Once you find your rhythm, the book really flows at quite a nice pace and hooks the reader’s interest with enough significance to keep them wanting to turn the page and learn even more.” – Megan Weiss @ ReaderViews

“With para consciousness, we look at knowledge that can be gained through borrowed consciousness. Extending into para consciousness allows us to expand beyond our potential. Gupta describes para consciousness as “the manageable dimension of consciousness.” – Paige Lovitt @ ReaderViews

“The book begins with a riveting preface on how we have to manage the para consciousness to ascend the consciousness of what is absent in our consciousness. As we understand the author’s stand towards who the manager is and who becomes manageable, we realize how reasoning and intuition go hand in hand to make a decision. “– Aashi Dewangan @ Criticspace Journals

“As discussed in the book, our consciousness is formed through our experiences. Our para consciousness goes beyond this and uses consciousness that is derived from other’s experiences. Becoming a manager of para consciousness takes dedication, devotion and discipline from a conscious entity.” – Paige Lovitt @ ReaderViews

“What is Para Consciousness” unveils many unknown and never-expected aspects of management strategies. In any organization, the managers who are the decision-makers, rely on five tools to decide: reason, intuition, notion, opinions and numbers. This book opens up the role of consciousness and para consciousness within this decision-making process. “- Atrayee Bhattacharya @ The Literature Today

“In this addictive project, we are bestowed with the knowledge of how consciousness and para consciousness is transferred genetically from one generation to the other. The deciding factor behind our success or failure always resides within our consciousness. Anything beyond the known comes under the purview of para consciousness.” — Aashi Dewangan @ Criticspace Journals

“What Is Para Consciousness is an aesthetic effort to go beyond the prescribed norms and transform our lives for betterment. This whole study is an outcome of stringent determination, outrageous imagination to coagulate our ancient wisdom to defy the pseudointellectuals. It is a gradual process of enlightening.”  – Atrayee Bhattacharya @ The Literature Today

“The project focuses on educating readers on the boundaries of consciousness and the power of the human mind. This is achieved through explaining the fact that our brains actually have a lot more power and potential than we give them credit for, and just because we are living in one particular reality, environment, or stage of life, does not mean that our minds don’t have the ability to stretch beyond those borders. Instead, we let ourselves believe we can only fit within certain boundaries and categories, thus limiting our potential growth.” – Megan Weiss @ ReaderViews

“This work is a comprehensive cohesion between science and spirituality. It has the ability to churn our blind faith towards science as well as towards God. It walks us through several notions of the natural system, astronomical alignments that influence the outcomes. On the same note, the author draws the conclusion that all these astronomical bodies are more of an illusionary object.” — Aashi Dewangan @ Criticspace Journals

“The topic of what the human consciousness and mind are capable of is one of growing interest in recent years, and Gupta’s book does a great job in answering some of those questions.  By clarifying how our DNA and environmental influences affect the growth of our consciousness, it offers new understanding to train our minds to work more powerfully than before.” – Megan Weiss @ ReaderViews

“I truly feel like the Discovering the Vastly Integrated Process Inside Nature series is a collection of manuals on how the universe functions. As I read, I feel like I am gaining access to secret knowledge, and as I learn, I am in awe of the time and effort that Vipin Gupta has dedicated to sharing his knowledge with us in this amazing series.” — Paige Lovitt @ ReaderViews

“There are the sections blocked in red, where the author took time to explain a specific concept that was important to understanding the overall theme of the research. The writing in these passages was sound, clear and easy to read through and understand.  The interspersed, explanatory prose helped to break up some of the technical terminology so it didn’t feel as much like jumping into a new ocean of ideas and foreign terms.
– Megan Weiss @ ReaderViews

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