Listen Think, & Speak Like a Doctor by Smiley Thakur

Listen, Think, & Speak Like a Doctor: Essential skills for medical school and practice by Smiley Thakur MD
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Listen, Think, & Speak Like a Doctor is a witty, relatable, and honest book full of sage advice regarding the real-life challenges and practice demands of becoming and being a physician. Students graduate from medical school with a knowledge of body systems, disease processes, and care algorithms. They’ve learned to treat but not necessarily how to connect with patients as people. It’s these difficult-to-learn connection skills that trip doctors up and that patients need doctors to have to ensure the best outcomes.

Dr. Thakur shares actionable wisdom through relatable, engaging metaphors and anecdotes about the thinking and listening skills required to make beneficial decisions for everything from choosing a career path to diagnosing difficult cases once in practice. He also shares stories about how a skillful physician interacts with, and speaks to, patients. Dr. Thakur’s insights make an excellent primer for physicians-in-training and new physicians; they’ll also resonate with experienced doctors, re-energizing their patient interactions and their commitment to their chosen healing profession.

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Listen, Think, & Speak Like a Doctor by Smiley Thakur MD lays the groundwork for becoming and practicing as a medical doctor. Dr. Thakur offers pros and cons for making this career choice much like a mentor who wants the best for you. With compassion and honesty, he lays out the steps of your journey with wit and humor.

The chapters include an in-depth analogy of medical school, the highs, and lows of making it through to become a doctor and into private practice or academia. The personal and professional stakes are high, and they continue to escalate as you progress through your program of study to achieve your career goals.

Dr. Thakur encourages self-knowledge for becoming a better physician and poses questions to prompt you to decide what’s best for you and provides suggestions for related fields more suitable to your strengths and personality if desired.

“Passion comes after you attain competence and experience. When you get it, and know you’re good at it, that’s when one feels the passion and energy flow.” Dr. Thakur

Communication is key for understanding your patients and making a correct diagnosis and care plan. It’s also paramount in your day-to-day routine, and a social skill that can be learned.

Whether you’re beginning your studies or on your way through med school, or need a refresher to remind you why you became a physician, this book has information to help you achieve your goals.

This is an easy read for a complex subject with supportive dialog and examples. Dr. Thakur opens the door to understanding the communication factors necessary to think, listen, and speak like an extraordinary doctor. Listen, Think, & Speak Like a Doctor: Essential skills for medical school and practice by Smiley Thakur MD is an exceptional, well written, informative and encouraging book and comes highly-recommended by CLC – Books & Reviews

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