The Woman He Used to Know by Helen Starbuck – Book Review

The Woman He Used to Know by Helen Starbuck
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Mistakes, Regrets, and Murder

Denver homicide detective Nick Ryan and Elizabeth Harper have a history of passionate mistakes and broken trust. They haven’t seen each other in five years after she married a man he despised. Now, her husband is dead, and the evidence points to her as the killer. 

The woman Nick used to know wouldn’t have killed anyone. But she’s the prime suspect and has many reasons to want her husband dead. Hasty decisions have brought Nick and Elizabeth to a strange and bloody crossroads. He’s worried his feelings for her will help her get away with murder, and she’s worried they’ll land her in prison.

Chick Lit Café book review:

The Woman He Used to Know is an engaging, cozy mystery with a sizzling romance.  Author, Helen Starbuck keeps the reader guessing till the very end as she slowly reveals the dead man’s secrets.

Did Elizabeth kill her husband in cold blood? He didn’t put up a fight and allowed his assailant to get up close and personal. He was murdered at home with no sign of a break in. It seems obvious to the police that it was the wife who killed financial investor Oliver Harper. But luckily for Elizabeth, Detective Nick Ryan is the officer who first arrives on the scene. He should have walked away as soon as he realized who the married couple was, but a morbid intrigue keeps him at the murder scene of one of his oldest friends… that and an eternal flame of unrequited love that never diminished for the now would-be-murderer. The police are determined to nail Elizabeth for the murder, and she’s sure prison waits for her as she clutches her secrets that she hopes the police won’t unveil. Nick’s investigations start to uncover mysteries as he struggles to clear her name. Being thrown together again after five years reignites passion that has really never left either of them. With a clever murder mystery and a hot romance this domestic thriller will have you gripped from start to finish.

Helen Starbuck’s elegant storytelling style is easy-to-read and evokes the need to keep turning the pages quickly. Her characters are well-developed, and the plot suspenseful. This gripping police procedural is strengthened by its passionate romance. You won’t want to miss The Woman He Used to Know by Helen Starbuck which comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café Book, Reviews & Author Spotlights. 

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