Honeymoon Gone Wrong by H. H. Fowler – Book Review

Honeymoon Gone Wrong: The Hendricks Family – Book 1 by H. H. Fowler
Series: The Hendricks Family #1

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Alt="honeymoon gone wrong"Honeymoon Gone Wrong: The Hendricks Family – Book 1 by H. H. Fowler 

Twelve years ago, Nia Jackson was hired as a maid by the Hendricks, a moderately well-to-do family in the small town of Westerspring. Calamity soon falls upon the matriarch, Helena Hendricks, who perishes in a deadly car accident. Her husband, Albury Hendricks and their two daughters are suddenly bereft of Helena’s nurturing presence. But when Nia’s obliging nature helps soothe the grief of such loss, she is unexpectedly thrust into a role she is afraid to explore – the role of Albury’s new love interest. But the attraction between them is undeniable and within less than two years of Helena’s death, Albury and Nia tie the knot.

On the advice of a close friend, Albury Hendricks and his new wife plan a five-day romantic getaway to the exotic Fiji Islands to consummate their marriage. It is supposed to be the honeymoon of the century, set against the milieu of one of the world’s most picturesque views. There is nothing on Albury’s and Nia’s radar to suggest that grave danger is on the horizon. It strikes without warning. Will they survive the unforeseen forces of darkness that will undoubtedly shake their brand-new marriage to the core?

Not all members of the Hendricks clan are on board with the romance that so quickly developed between Albury and Nia. Albury’s elder daughter, the snobbish Penelope Hendricks doesn’t trust Nia and is hell-bent on proving that Nia only married her father for the Hendricks’ money. Penelope’s misgivings, however, don’t sit well with her sister, Tegan Hendricks. Tegan loves Nia and defends Nia without question. This creates high-energy drama between the sisters. But when a heartbreaking broadcast from Fiji unravels and is blasted all over the six o’clock news, it rocks the sisters’ world. Will it bring them together or tear them further apart?

Book one, Honeymoon Gone Wrong, reveals the malevolent propensities of the human heart, especially when jealousy, greed and distrust wages a toxic battle between good and evil. With unstoppable drama, sharp dialogue, and a slate of strong, complex characters, the Hendricks family takes center stage in H.H. Fowler’s brand-new family saga

Chick Lit Café book review: 

Honeymoon Gone Wrong: The Hendricks Family by H. H. Fowler is a gripping, Christian whodunit that will keep you turning pages, until the secrets that simmer in the background are unveiled.

When Nia Jackson started work as a maid with the Hendrick family fourteen years ago, she never envisioned becoming Mrs. Hendrick.  When Helena had been tragically killed in a car accident two years prior, Nia had been devastated for the people she already loved as family, at that time she could never have anticipated that Mr. Albury Hendricks would fall in love with her.  But fall in love they did, with the blessing of one daughter – Tegan, and at the outrage of the other daughter – Penelope.  Their love was innocent, but the evil that spilled forth from their union would send the family spinning into disaster.  Albury goes missing in Fiji, where the newlyweds are honeymooning.   Nia’s world starts falling apart as she worries about her husband and becomes the prime suspect in what the police are assuming is a murder.  Holding the family together is the wonderful Grandfather, Eldron, who is an ardent believer who continually prays for his family, and believes that we are living in End Times.  His prayers become the glue that holds the family afloat when their world is sinking.  But this is a family seeped in dark secrets and terrible conniving.  Will Eldron’s prayers be enough so that God can move and save them?  And who exactly wants Albury dead? 

H. H. Fowler is a polished author, whose writing flows effortlessly.  His characters are well-defined, the setting well described and the pace spot on.  This easy-to-read Christian Mystery is packed with tension!  With characters, you love to love and those you love to hate, you’ll soon find yourself gripped and longing for book 2!  Honeymoon Gone Wrong: The Hendricks Family – Book 1 by H. H. Fowler comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. 

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Book 1 of 3: The Hendricks Family

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