SEO for Authors – Get Your Book Online to Maximize Your SEO

SEO for Authors, Get Your Book Online to Maximize Your Book's SEO by Susan Day

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SEO for Authors, Get Your Book Online to Maximize Your Book’s SEO

There are over 2,000 books published a day online. You may agree that is a lot of books. The problem for many authors is how to be found and how to sell their books in such a crowded market. After all, the average book takes 8 to 18 months to write and a great deal of work goes into publishing it.

So, what can authors do to drive potential readers to their website and sell more books?

Is Social Media the Answer?

Once you have published your book and had a live book launch, it is time to look at other ways to promote it. 

Social media is one option, but should authors be active on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok? Where does an author find the time to promote their books on all these platforms? What kind of content should they post? Who is going to create the content for them? 

Many authors slog away on social media sharing and re-sharing their Amazon book page. Sure, they make valuable connections, but do they really sell a lot of books?

Online Exposure for Your Book is a Must

Having a website with your book buy links and creating a social media presence are both good starts, but they are not enough to get your book found online. There is just too much competition.

You are going to have to enlist the help of book promotion companies, bloggers and reviewers if you really want your book to be found online. By tapping into their followers, you will be able to get greater exposure.

As well, influencers, bloggers and reviewers have a lot of followers. Some online, others on email subscriber lists. One article about your book could reach hundreds, if not thousands, of potential readers.

Imagine if you spread this over multiple sites? How many more people would discover your book?

A much more effective way to promote your book is to use a book promotion company.

Get Found Online with Book Promotions 

When book promotion companies such as Chick Lit Café host your book they can put your book in front of thousands of potential readers. As well, virtual book tours are a great way of increasing your search-ability online. 

When your book is promoted online you are providing search engines with a feast of information. Links, social media follows, target words, Meta data, tags on images, inbound and outbound links – you name it! 

Although these attributes may be small when put together, they will increase the likelihood of someone finding your book over time to a much greater extent than just tweets or other social media posts, which have a limited life span.

Each time the name of an author and their book title are included in the four image attributes, a blog post title and the Meta data for a post, for example, they are picked up by search engines. 

Book promotion companies have a lot of followers so when someone clicks on your book’s link, the more popular your book becomes in the eyes of search engines. And the more popular it is, the more they are going to push it to the top of search engine results.

Once your post has been published on other websites, share it on a regular basis. This way you will create a greater reach and increase your book’s SEO.

About the author

Susan Day is a book reviewer, author and blogger. She is passionate about helping authors promote their books and gain a large and adoring fan base. She lives in Australia and has been blogging for over ten years. You can see more of Susan’s work on her website –