Room at the Top: A Pacific Avenue Series Novel by Kristin Billerbeck

by Kristin Billerbeck
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Room at the Top: A Pacific Avenue Series Novel by Kristin Billerbeck – award winning, best selling author.

From the author of “What a Girl Wants” comes a funny and romantic new series that celebrates family and sisterhood, even when the relationship seems impossible. Sophia Campelli likes the structure of her predictable life in a rundown Victorian house in the San Francisco neighborhood of North Beach. She’s always told herself her father can keep his wealth and his acknowledgement of her and her twin sister. She’s surrounded by her noisy but lovable Italian family, and that’s all she needs. When she and Gia receive the news their fraternal grandfather has left them something in his will, they meet their three half-sisters for the first time—and receive the astounding news of a massive inheritance. But Sophia can’t celebrate yet, not when she and her sisters hear the conditions attached to the money. The “real” daughters loathe Sophia and Gia on sight—and the feeling is mutual. But they have to work together if any of them hope to inherit the obscene amount of money left to them. They must live together and restore the large mansion in Pacific Heights for an entire year. Otherwise the entire estate will go to charity. Gia tries to convince Sophia they have to walk away, but Sophia isn’t so sure. For once, their mother might get a chance to rest instead of working every minute. She could help a lot of families in her job as a social worker too. It’s tempting. And once she catches sight of Joel Edgerton, she can’t resist the temptation to get involved in her unwanted family. The path to happily-ever-after is fraught with missteps and the treacherous waters of sisterly undercurrents. Can Sophia persevere when everyone seems to be against her, even her own twin?


For those of you who are fitting in one last vacation before the end of summer, I have the perfect read for you! Room at the Top by Kristin Billerbeck is a fun, light, engaging romp that will keep you turning pages and eagerly awaiting the next book in the series. It’s chock full of appealing characters, romance, family fireworks and exciting story lines that are as twisty as the streets of San Francisco, where the story is set.

Insecure, unsophisticated social worker Sophia Campelli has a non-traditional family. She grew up with her glamorous, practical twin sister, Gia, her single Mom and traditional Italian immigrant grandparents in a ramshackle, yet cozy, Victorian house. Meanwhile, their “donor” (their prolific and absentee father, Bradley) has lived with Chelsea, Quinn and Brinn, his “real” family, in the Wentworth mansion. When the patriarch of the Wentworth family dies, he leaves his billions to all of the sisters, but with a catch. Not only do they have to live and work together for a year, there’s a fifth sister! As the sisters try to get on with their previous lives, battle with their belligerent father, and adjust to their new reality, they discover hidden agendas, new relationships, budding romance and danger.

It‘s entertaining to watch the relationships between the sisters begin to evolve and observe how each one deals with their new reality. Quinn and Brinn, raised as heiresses, face the possibility of losing everything. Sophia, Gia and Alisa (the 5th and youngest sister), never acknowledged by the Wentworth family and accustomed to living in reduced circumstances, could potentially be billionaires. Not surprisingly, there is animosity at the beginning but as they get to know one another, bonds begin to form. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this. Despite the extensive changes in her life, I also love that Sophie not only retains her sense of self but she really comes into her own.

Kristin Bellerbeck creates an irresistible introduction into the Wentworth story with Room at the Top. While this installment leaves you with a good conclusion, there are still plenty of scintillating and unresolved issues to propel you into the next book. But in the meantime, I highly recommend you get comfy and start here! Kristen Billerbeck is an extraordinary writer and storyteller of clean and wholesome romance reads. She has created incredible, relatable and enjoyable characters with unique amusing dialog and an overall wonderful story line and plot. Chick Lit Café is proud to recommend Room at the Top by Kristin Billerbeck!! Room at the Top by Kristin Billerbeck reviewed by D.L. Smith for Chick Lit Café

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Room at the Top: A Pacific Avenue Series Novel by Kristin Billerbeck
Published by Kristin Billerbeck on June 18, 2020
Genres: Award Winning AuthorClean & Wholesome RomanceContemporary Romance, Rom ComRomantic Comedy, Women’s Fiction, Christian FictionSisterhood
Pages: 302
Format: KindlePaperback
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