but, he spit in my coffee: A reads-like-fiction memoir about adopting a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) by Keri Williams
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But, he spit in my coffee: A reads-like-fiction memoir about adopting a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) by Keri Williams

The gripping and heart wrenching true story of a desperate mother who must grapple with impossible choices as her young son becomes too dangerous to live at home but is only growing bigger, stronger, and more violent while in treatment.

When Keri and her husband adopt Devon, he has concerning behaviors, but she’s confident all he needs is the love of a “forever family.” Devon’s hidden history of early childhood trauma quickly takes center stage when Devon throws screaming fits, yanks his bedroom door off its hinges, chases his classmates with a knife, and pushes his younger brother down the stairs and viciously karate-chops him in the throat. When Devon is admitted to a psychiatric residential treatment facility at age 10 and is diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), Keri is faced with an impossible choice—Devon is too dangerous to live at home, but he’s not getting better in treatment. Keri must race against time to find help for Devon and keep her other children safe, as he grows bigger, stronger, and more violent.

Based on a shocking true story, this reads-like-fiction memoir exposes the dysfunctions of the child welfare and mental health systems and how they fail kids with RAD and their families.

Chick Lit Café book review:

Open and heartbreakingly honest, but, he spit in my coffee by Keri Williams is a true account of one family’s journey with an adopted child with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD).

Adopting and helping other children was the author’s dream. Even before she was married, she generously fostered other people’s children. While her friends were going out and enjoying themselves, Keri Williams was dedicating herself to the care of children with less fortunate backgrounds than most.

So, what went wrong? Keri Williams is an affectionate, patient and loving parent. She and her husband were so generous that they opened their home to others in need. What they didn’t realize is that not all children are able to appreciate or accept love in the way we think is normal. Some children are so damaged and may never be able to control their impulses. Sadly, the Williams adopted such a child in Devon.

From the title, readers are made aware of some of the horrors Keri Williams and her family suffered as they all tried to deal with a young child whose behavior was threatening their physical and mental health. As we progress through this story, each page reveals the astonishing things they had to put up with.

But what we learn is not how naughty or destructive one child can be. This book helps us develop a deeper understanding of how vulnerable any family can be, and how strong they were too. They never gave up on the child even when it was clear he was too much of a threat to the rest of the family. While Keri and her husband tried to help him, the system let Devon and the William’s family down.

And this is where the readers stop being passengers on this journey. For parents or caregivers of children with RAD, this is a must read. If not, this book is still an important tool to educate the rest of society. We all have a voice and if armed with the right kind of information, we can help others in a similar situation too.  If our society learns more about families in these circumstances, then we will learn to be more empathetic, patient and understanding, and more can be done to help them.

The author should be applauded for her courage in sharing her story and the bravery she showed in telling it. Devon too should be thanked for giving her permission to discuss his behavior and treatment, and showing the world what needs to be done to help others in these circumstances. This book is well-written, engrossing and memorable. I couldn’t put it down. It gripped me from start to finish. Grab a copy today, you won’t be disappointed. Chick Lit Café highly recommends but, he spit in my coffee: A reads-like-fiction memoir about adopting a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) by Keri Williams. 5 stars. Book review by S Day for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

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