The Best Thing about Bennett by Irene Wittig

The Best Thing about Bennett by Irene Wittig
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Alt="the best thing about bennett"The Best Thing about Bennett by Irene Wittig

An uplifting story of a middle-aged woman overcoming fear and self-doubts to find adventure, love, and family.

Forced into early retirement, Bennett Hall plans for a quiet, orderly, and anonymous existence. No longer will she be burdened by her dependent but unlovable aunt, or her own misperceived rejections.

Unexpected encounters and a new job crack open her social isolation. The arrival of Joe Muir, an attractive widower, and his two adopted Ugandan children, awaken Bennett’s long-ignored desires–and self-doubts.

Inspired to win Joe’s love she flies to Uganda in search of the children’s missing sister. To overcome the dangers and challenges she confronts, she must find the courage she has always lacked.

Chick Lit Café Review: 

The Best Thing about Bennett by Irene Wittig is a literary treasure, such a sweet, delightful story of self-discovery.  A power house of character and charm, this is a heartwarming novel about turning your life around and realizing it’s never too late to change.

The life of Miss. Bennett Hall has thus far been unremarkable, she has reached the ripe old age of fifty, and done nothing more than stumble through the years aimlessly.  She was in love once, but somehow he slipped through her fingers.  She might have had a promising career but instead she finds herself being made redundant.  She has dreamed of adventures and visiting different countries, yet she’s never even applied for a passport.  It is fair to say that her world has been a very dull shade of gray… until her aunt dies.  As if she has been tipped off the edge of a diving board, Bennett suddenly finds herself falling into a new life.  As she hesitantly moves forward she ends up with a new home, friends, job and the crème de la crème – a new neighbor, who with the aid of his two adopted children is about to turn Bennett’s life upside down – and the right way up.  I think it might be fair to say that Bennett finally starts living, as she stumbles through the process of trying to figure out what ‘having a life’ is really all about.  Going against every fiber in her soul, she thrusts herself forward into experiencing life, taking chances she would previously have shied away from.

Irene Wittig has crafted a beautiful, touching novel about a woman in her fifties who suddenly wants more from life.  It is moving and thoroughly inspirational.  Wittig’s writing is smooth as velvet and pulls you into her peaceful world, excellent narrative and fabulous story telling.  Bennett is a character you will come to love and admire.

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