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Horsemanship 101: Building The Foundation. Understand, Train, and Communicate in 30-days with Groundwork, Horse Psychology, Saddle Training, and Foal Starting by Augustus M. Walton
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Alt-"horsemanship101"Horsemanship 101: Building The Foundation. Understand, train, and communicate in 30-days with groundwork, horse psychology, saddle training, and foal starting by
Augustus M. Walton

You can’t build a house without strong foundations… and you can’t form a solid bond with your horse without a strong foundational relationship and fundamental training in place.

Horse ownership opens the door to companionship, happiness, and stress relief.

But to benefit from all of these things, you need to have a true bond with your horse…

And you need to be able to trust that they have all the foundational skills they need to keep you – and them – safe.

Esteemed trainer Monty Roberts makes the distinction between ‘starting’ a horse and ‘breaking’ a horse.

Breaking a horse has connotations of wearing down the animal’s spirit in order to achieve dominance, whereas starting a horse focuses on cooperation and building a partnership.

This is the key to successful horsemanship… and that means beginning from the ground up: It means laying those strong foundations and nurturing a real relationship with your horse so that they respect you as the dominant partner.

Everything you need to know in order to do just that is right at your fingertips. In this three-in-one guide, you’ll discover:

  • The key principles of horsemanship – uncover how to share a common language with your horse (and why you need to)
  • How to choose a horse – explore the personality traits of the 6 most common breeds so you can choose the best match for you
  • How to read your horse’s body language with the skill of top trainers like Buck Brannaman
  • Key training methods explored… with a deep dive into round-pen training for a strong and healthy bond with your horse
  • The most common mistakes made by handlers and trainers – and how you can make sure you never make them yourself
  • The challenges most frequently posed by horses – know what to expect, and you’ll be ready to calm your horse and turn any situation around
  • The art of desensitizing – guard against your horse becoming spooked at a critical moment (plus the essential tools you’ll need to make a success of it)
  • How to make sure your horse will disengage in any situation that starts to get out of control
  • The single most important skill you can teach your horse in order to establish gentle (but firm) leadership
  • The pros and cons of disengagement – make sure you have the full picture before you teach this fundamental skill
  • Why ‘flexing’ is a crucial skill to teach… and the secret to rendering your inside rein unnecessary as a steering tool
  • The #1 thing you must not do in a frustrating training session if you want to maintain control of your horse

And much more.

From building the foundational relationship with your horse… to establishing fundamental skills through round-pen training… to desensitizing and disengagement techniques… Everything you need to know to form a solid partnership with your horse is right here.

No matter what your experience level, you’ll always need to revisit the basics.

And when you have all the foundational skills you need right by your side, you’re sure to build a strong bond and a solid partnership with your horse that will last for as long as they live.

Discover the secrets to building strong foundations with your horse… and watch as everything else falls into place naturally.

Chick Lit Café Book Review:

Horsemanship 101: Building The Foundation. Understand, Train, and Communicate in 30-days with Groundwork, Horse Psychology, Saddle Training, and Foal Starting is brilliant, knowledgeable and very applicable.  Are you looking to build a relationship with your new horse? Or perhaps improve one that you already have? Augustus M. Walton will expertly show you how to lay the foundation and skillfully train and communicate with your horse, no matter how stubborn she may be.

Horsemanship 101 is a comprehensive guide to training and bonding with your horse. It covers everything from understanding horse behavior to understanding the benefits of lunging, and it even explains how horses have positive effects on their rider’s mental health and stress levels. It is a compilation of three books in one. It has a great organization and a detailed table of contents; readers can easily locate information about specific subjects.

This book is excellent for all levels of horsemanship, and even if you think you know everything about horses, there will still be something new in this wealth of equestrian knowledge for you to learn. The techniques and observations in this book are gentle, studied, and effective. They don’t just explain the “how-to” aspect, but the “why” as well. This is the key to understanding what your horse is trying to tell you. It is written well- straight to the point without any unnecessary language. It is great for slow readers.

There are raving reviews for Horsemanship 101, and it is easy to see why. Thanks to this book, riders have been able to successfully bond with and train their horses. Augustus M. Walton is an expert in the equestrian field. If you apply what you learn from Horsemanship 101, you won’t regret it! This is an award worthy horsemanship, equestrian and horse care guide book.

Horsemanship 101: Building The Foundation. Understand, Train, and Communicate in 30-days with Groundwork, Horse Psychology, Saddle Training, and Foal Starting by Augustus M. Walton comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by Michaela Gordoni for Chick Lit Café.

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Horsemanship 101 by Augustus M. Walton.
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First Place in Chick Lit Cafe’s
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