The Truth by D F Kennedy

The Truth: A Semi-Autobiographical Novel of Love, Betrayal, Redemption, and Revenge by D F Kennedy
Series: So Help Me God Series Book 1

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Alt="The Truth by D F Kennedy"The Truth: A Semi-Autobiographical Novel of Love, Betrayal, Redemption, and Revenge (So Help Me God Series) by D F Kennedy

A Semi-Autobiographical Story containing a Dark Center covered in a Candy-Coated Second Chance Romance.

The Truth is raw, dark, and steamy.

Fame and its trappings are not for everybody. Dahlia Frost has good reason to avoid the limelight. An unceremonious departure from the Air Force more than a decade ago leaves her with little more than PTSD, heartbreak from an abrupt split with a boyfriend overseas and a hypnotherapy session that brought a repressed trauma to the fore. However, being discharged from the military provides an opportunity for Dahlia to begin a healing journey, one she prefers to do out of the public’s insatiable eye. Hoping for anonymity for herself and her mother, Dahlia uses a pen name and writes a very personal book that chronicles her life, including many of the abuses she and her mother suffered through the years. The book becomes incredibly popular and word eventually gets out about her true identity, making it impossible to lie low. Complicating matters is an irascible reunion with an ex-boyfriend who still harbors intense feelings for Dahlia. While the book tops the charts, not everyone is happy with her success. Buried secrets begin digging their way out from the rubble of her past, and Dahlia may not live to fight them off this time. – Jennifer Jackson

Chick Lit Café Book Review

Teeming with drama, action, and romance, D F Kennedy’s powerfully evocative romantic suspense novel, The Truth: A Semi-Autobiographical Novel of Love, Betrayal, Redemption, and Revenge, follows a debut author’s turbulent and astonishing life after the release of her first revealing book.

The release of Dahlia Frost’s controversial novel during the pandemic allows her identity to remain concealed behind the pseudonym, Frances Slater. After measures and lockdowns begin to ease, Dahlia’s identity is revealed. Family fallouts and death threats follow. Dahlia is forced to confront her estranged relationship with her mother and her stormy breakup with Roland, her ex-boyfriend and movie star, after he comes back into her life.

I was filled with a feeling of unease as Dahlia tries to establish the source of the threats. The plot moves along at a swift pace, providing a gripping string of events. It features many other electrifying scenes including a terrifying kidnapping incident in which Dahlia comes face to face with one of the criminals behind the threats. Author, D F Kennedy does a wonderful job of creating detailed and life-like characters with incredible emotional depth. Told from Dahlia’s perspective, the story candidly explores her deepest thoughts and distressed emotions. Her past encounters with emotional, physical, and sexual abuse are described with sensitivity. Dahlia also grows throughout the story, consistently battling emotional turmoil that she bravely faces and therefore gradually heals from her past. Secondary characters are well-rounded and add stimulating and memorable depth to the story. Dahlia’s mother and stepfather allow the work to explore important themes in the novel such as the horrors, pain and sadness of child neglect and abuse. Her friends progress and enhance the novel as well.

The first book in the absorbing, So Help Me God series, The Truth by D F Kennedy is an engrossing thriller packed with intense scenes, relatable emotional conflicts and intriguing relevant characters. The author expertly weaves themes of family and romance with important topics about abuse, growth, healing and discovering a place of peace and happiness after such a difficult life lived. Chick Lit Café highly recommends The Truth by D F Kennedy for all readers who enjoy well-written romantic suspense novels filled with moving scenes, memorable characters, meaningful clever narration, fascinating storyline and plot and an ultra-satisfying conclusion. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews & Author Solutions.

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