Laugh Cry Rewind: A Memoir by Judy Haveson

Laugh Cry Rewind: A Memoir by Judy Haveson
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Alt="Laugh Cry Rewind: A Memoir by Judy Haveson"Laugh Cry Rewind: A Memoir by Judy Haveson

Growing up in 1970s and 80s suburban Houston, Judy Haveson is funny, sarcastic, and fiercely loyal, especially to her family, friends, and big sister, Celia. When she suffers a series of unimaginable traumatic events, her seemingly idyllic childhood comes to a halt, changing her life forever.

In Laugh Cry Rewind, Judy takes readers on her journey of self-discovery, sharing funny, touching, and heartbreaking stories from her childhood all the way to the birth of her son. Her experiences serve as a reminder that while life is not always fair, ultimately, the choice to surrender or keep on living is ours. Her message to others who have experienced loss or tragedy is this: stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. Let life go on, and good things will be waiting for you on the other side of the pain.

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A remarkable portrait of resilience and hope in the face of unimaginable loss, Laugh Cry Rewind by Judy Haveson documents her life from an idyllic childhood that is later marred by tragedy, to a hopeful and moving ending. This is a must-read, award-winning, one-of-a-kind and outstanding memoir.

Judy Haveson grew up in Houston, Texas, during the 1970s and 1980s with her sister, Celia, and her parents. She had a beautiful childhood surrounded by a loving and supportive community and family. Tragedy struck when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and at the young age of sixteen, Judy struggled with the devastating news. Her mother recovered, but her sister was later diagnosed with the same disease that, soon after, took her life. Celia’s death left Judy feeling lost. Still, she endeavored to move forward and keep alive the memories they shared.

The work does a brilliant job of conveying the emotions relating to the tragedies Judy Haveson experiences. As a victim of sexual assault, she shares the pain, fear and anguish she encountered following the horrific incident. She also covers the pain she experienced after losing her sister and other close family members who impacted her life and her challenging journey of becoming a mother. The story maintains a perfect balance between sad moments and joyous ones, including the wonderful times she spent with her friends. She has many other fun experiences in her career as a records promoter which involve meeting renowned artists such as Elton John. The story’s descriptive language paints vivid images of the scenes included in the book. Judy Haveson describes the frantic, uncertain days that followed her arrival in New York for a new job which was closely followed by The September 11 attacks. She describes the uncertainty she and her colleagues felt not knowing whether the industry they worked in would survive. Through different seasons in her life, Judy remembers Celia’s wise words and strives to live life fully according to the last promise she made to her sister. I loved this memoir and foundJudy Haveson’s openness refreshing. I also loved that she covers different aspects of her life including the difficult and happy moments.

Laugh Cry Rewind by Judy Haveson is a powerful and triumphant account that demonstrates how to embrace and live life fully despite encountering tragic events. Readers will love its candid approach, beautiful compelling descriptions and its stirring hopeful message. Laugh Cry Rewind by Judy Haveson is a extremely well-written book is authentic, unique and memorable and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café,

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Laugh Cry Rewind by Judy Haveson
Winner – First Place in the
CLC Book Excellence Award
For Best
Memoir, Women’s Biography & Self-Help
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About the Author

I’m Judy Haveson, a proud Texan living in New York.

My fascination with compelling storytelling plays well with my lifelong communications career of promoting products, services, companies, and individuals spanning various areas and industries, including non-profits, travel & hospitality, entertainment, fashion & retail, authors, and even rock stars and rap artists. You’ll have to read the book for details on that last piece of information.

I love to share stories about life’s observations and experiences that never seem to amaze me. These stories focus on living in New York City, raising my son, and self-publishing my first book and life.

I will never lose my southern charm or accent and use both when the situation absolutely calls for it. I once had a boss tell me that there are two types of people in the world: those who know and those who want to know — be the one who knows. That boss fired me, but his words have always stuck in my head. I’ve been addicted to current events and People magazine ever since, and not necessarily in that order.

I like to think I’m witty, but many call it sarcastic. You decide! I thought I would be a journalist until my first journalism professor told me to pick a new major. He said I’d be an editor’s nightmare because I wrote as I talked and never stopped talking. According to my parents, this fact makes sense because I was an early talker. Those close to me have no problem believing this bit of trivia.

The most important things to me in life are (in no particular order): family, loyal friendships, staying fit to always appear younger than I am, a good cut and color, cavity-free dentist appointments, spectator sports (mainly football), travel, my son’s infectious smile and laugh, and good food and wine (or a dirty, vodka martini) along with the company of great friends to enjoy it all.

Life is a crazy journey, but as my wise mama once told me — a long time ago — while there are many things we can’t change, our hair color isn’t one of them. And I always listen to my mama.
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