Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex by Lynne Howard

Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex by Lynne Howard
Series: The Dylan Dover fantasy series Book 1

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Alt="dylan dover: into the vortex"Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex (The Dylan Dover fantasy series Book 1) by Lynne Howard 

Dylan Dover was an ordinary boy… until a fall into another realm transformed his fate – and the fate of this immortal realm – forever.

Dylan believes he is a typical twelve-year-old until he stumbles into a vortex that miraculously transports him to the immortal dimension, a parallel universe.

Dylan not only learns that he is a warlock, but he also discovers a twin brother, extraordinary powers, and a secret prophecy that seems to have Dylan and his family at its crux. Dylan, along with his brother and their new-found wizard friend Thea, begin to unravel the mystery that surrounds their birth and the danger that threatens immortals and humans alike.

In a stunning debut, Lynne Howard’s Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex casts a potent reader’s charm over all youngsters clamoring for a new supernatural hero.

Chick Lit Café Book Review:

Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex by Lynne Howard is an incredible story and magical fantasy world filled with wizards, warlocks, vampires, portals, and even pet fireballs, this book has it all for fans who are looking for the ultimate escape into and fantastical realm filled with adventure danger and magic.

Twelve-year-old Dylan Dover is adopted, but other than that, he is like any other ordinary kid—until one day when he disappears into a fallen log after running from some bullies. Dylan is suddenly faced with the knowledge that his parents aren’t his real parents and that he is really from another world full of magic. After discovering that he is a powerful warlock, he learns about an ancient prophecy, one that he somehow has a key role in. How many more secrets lie before him? And what kind of psychopath separates a kid from his biological parents? Dylan Dover’s adventure is just beginning.

Author, Lynne Howard is a wonderful imaginative storyteller and has kept her creative mind hard at work. She has done a stellar job of simplifying a complex plot into an average-length middle-grade novel. It’s full of secrets, wonder, magic, and twists and turns. She ends it with several great hooks that really make you want to immediately get your hands on the sequel (which I hope is coming soon!). It really is a fantastical adventure with elements of danger and just the smallest bit of romance sprinkled in. Dylan is a really relatable character, and the novel also contains some great humor.

Chock-full of whimsy and wonder, Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex is a wonderful middle-grade fantasy novel written by a very talented and imaginative author. It is the first book in a series. Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex (The Dylan Dover fantasy series Book 1) by Lynne Howard comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book Reviewed by Michaela Gordoni for Chick Lit Café.

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Chick Lit Café Awards First Place to
Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex (The Dylan Dover fantasy series Book 1)
by Lynne Howard
for best in Middle Grade Fantasy
CLC Book Excellence Award Winner
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 Connect with Lynne Howard
Lynne Howard, author of Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex series, is a writer, lawyer, and teacher. Passionate about serving her community and dedicated to social justice, she lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, Andrew, their children, Matthew, Jessie, and Dylan, and their two dogs, Halle and Oliver.
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Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex (The Dylan Dover fantasy series Book 1) by Lynne Howard 

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