Destiny Falling: A First Contact Romance by Lucy Regatta

Destiny Falling: A First Contact Fated Mates Romance by Lucy Regatta
Series: (Serendipity Book 1)

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Destiny Falling: A First Contact Fated Mates Romance (Serendipity Book 1) by Lucy Regatta

The year is 2121 and Earth is unrecognizable after a virus wiped out most of the human race. Women are the ruling power, while fertile men are on the brink of extinction. A powerful Coalition has taken control of much of the known world, maintaining a strict classification system. All surviving males are owned by the state and used for breeding purposes. No man is free.

It’s a new world order. And then They arrived…

Earth was forced to adapt after the Chimera virus wiped out most of the male population, and for Abigail Scott, it means her dream of raising a family with a male partner is nothing more than a —hopeful—fantasy.

On a solitary retreat to her family’s cabin, Abby seeks solace with a bottle of wine after being deemed reproductively obsolete by the Coalition. Wary of what she foresees as an empty future, little does she know that a simple trip for provisions would forever alter the course of her life.When Abby witnesses what could be an unidentified flying object crashing in the nearby woods and decides to investigate.

And what she finds blows her mind. An injured extraterrestrial—an insanely hot alien male who makes her toes curl. When caring for his injuries leads to something more, Abby’s sure it’s just a bit of fun, only a fling. But could it be everything she’d ever hoped for?

The survival of Ru B’Konuwa’s species hangs perilously in the balance. An alarming decline in the birthrate of females of his species has set him on an intergalactic expedition to search for compatible mates.

Fate deals Ru an unexpected hand as his shuttle veers off course and plunges into a spontaneous wormhole, hurtling him across the galaxy. By chance, he crashes on Terra, a remote, backwater planet with plenty of its own problems.

Getting stranded on Terra was never part of Ru’s plan.

Wounded and pursued by the Coalition, Ru seeks refuge with Abby, a tiny Terran female who stumbles upon him at the crash site. Inexplicably drawn to her, their forced proximity only causes his feelings for her to grow. As their passion ignites, Ru is determined to keep Abby by his side, no matter what it takes. Even if that means betraying her trust.

When their two species collide, will these star-crossed lovers be able to rise above their differences? Or will betrayal and secrets end in irreparable heartbreak for them both?

CLC Book review:

Destiny Falling: A First Contact Romance by Lucy Regatta is an epic spell-binding blend of fantasy and futuristic fiction.

This one’s a sure attention grabber.In Abby’s world—Earth in 2121—most of the men have either been rendered infertile or their immune systems too weak to survive even the common cold.  The women, therefore, are forced to enter same-sex relationships for any kind of companionship.  If they choose, they can enter a lottery to procreate with one of the few males who have maintained their fertility and immunity.  However, after their thirtieth birthday, each woman’s opportunity for a family must be surrendered.  Abby has just turned thirty, and she’s morose with the loneliness that her baby-less, partner-less life now offers.  But when a spacecraft crash lands near Abby on her way home, an entire new world opens to Abby with infinitely more pleasing possibilities.

Destiny Falling holds an intriguing blend of futuristic dystopian fiction and fantasy with hints of gothic romance and erotic fiction.  Lucy Regatta has a strong sense of what readers enjoy, and, with this book, she has created a story with a wonderful balance of adventure, sensuality, and belonging.  The futuristic and alien elements and details provided a nice surprising and astonishing element to the plot also.  I love the way Lucy Regatta creates characters who feel complex with such an interesting depth to their personalities and, alongside a plot that was open to abundant possibilities.  I really liked Abby as a character, and Ru’s continuously evolving personality with some animal-based elements felt realistic and sensual in a unique alluring way. Lucy’s is an extraordinary skillful writer especially when it comes to innovative elements such as the way she personalized Ru, even though his life, his world, and he himself were so foreign.  She made each of these traits feel familiar and yet so intriguing.

Destiny Falling is an epic blend of several genres. This blend offers a reading experience unique unto itself that will have readers flying through page after page.  If you are a reader who enjoys futuristic fiction, paranormal elements, or romance, this book will surely provide a wealth of experiences for you! I couldn’t put it down.

Destiny Falling: A First Contact Romance by Lucy Regatta is an original enthralling Sci-Fi Dystopian Romance and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book Reviewed by Mary Rosenthal for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews & Author Services.

This one’s an attention grabber. Get a copy of the epic novel everyone’s reading today!!!
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Destiny Falling: A First Contact Fated Mates Romance (Serendipity Book 1)

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