True Love Unlimited: The Conclusion by Neil Vickers

True Love Unlimited: The Conclusion by Neil Vickers
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True Love Unlimited: The Conclusion by Neil Vickers

A fast-paced action romance thriller where life hangs on a thread. A couple are pursued with violent and relentless intentions to obtain top-secret destabilizing information in pursuit of greed and world domination.

 Chick Lit Book Café Review

Neil Vickers has woven another tension-packed thriller that continues Mateo and Jasmin’s enthralling adventures. In True Love Unlimited: The Conclusion, the couple resumes their exciting journey across Europe as they run from vicious government forces that are after a sought-after sensitive chip containing critical laser tracking information and that the couple happens to have in their possession.

After meeting on a Eurostar train, Mateo and Jasmin fall in love. Mateo later learns about Jasmin’s other frightening side to her personality. Inside of her, lies a dangerous spirit that arises when provoked. As the couple faces attacks at each turn of their journey, Jasmin’s indwelling and fierce spirit comes to their rescue. Stakes rise as those pursuing them step up their search. Their relationship blossoms though their journey is fraught with uncertainty. Mateo and Jasmin try to find safety and stability during their increasingly perilous mission.

Danger looms throughout the couple’s journey as tension rises and suspense-filled twists mark the story at every point. Neil Vickers skillfully maintains a great balance between developing Mateo and Jasmin’s passionate relationship and following their harrowing journey across Europe. The couple’s relationship creates another intriguing and engrossing subplot in the story that contains its own surprising and entertaining turns.

Both lead characters are well-developed with interesting multifaceted personalities, and interesting personal beliefs and life philosophies. Their frustration at constantly living on the run can be felt as they begin to look for an outlet and establish a home for themselves away from the villains that are pursuing them. Vickers brilliantly develops Jasmin’s duality. Malak, the spirit in her, is brutal while her other side is maternal. Mateo is also a compelling character who tries to balance his relationship with Jasmin and his constant concern for their safety.

Action scenes are unexpected and described in vivid detail which will draw readers in. The chase is fast-paced and intense since it involves different governments who are interested in the laser tracking system that could set each one of them apart from all other governments. Vivid images into the places that the couple visits are wonderfully described. They provide perfect extraordinary backdrops for the scenes in the story. While the novel is a continuation of Mateo and Jasmin’s first amazing journey, True Love Unlimited: The Conclusion can fully, and undoubtedly be read as a standalone.

A pulse-pounding thriller packed with suspense, action, intrigue and an outstanding ending, True Love Unlimited: The Conclusion by Neil Vickers is the absorbing sequel to book number one –True Love Unlimited. Readers will find its amazing scenes exciting and enjoy its many clever thrilling unexpected twists and fascinating characters. Highly recommended by Chick Lit Book Café. Book read and reviewed by Anna Davis for Chick Lit Book Café.

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True Love Unlimited: The Conclusion by Neil Vickers
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