Searching For Zen: A Tale of Divine Destiny by Albert T. Franklin 

Searching For Zen: A Tale of Divine Destiny by Albert T. Franklin
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 Searching For Zen: A Tale of Divine Destiny by Albert T. Franklin 

Our story begins on Earth, but an Earth with a past steeped in fantasy and science fiction. From humble beginnings, a boy is given a divine destiny, a chance to make his mark on human civilization, but he must embark upon a life-changing journey. Our hero struggles to understand what he has been given and what to do with it, losing himself in doubt and loneliness as he confronts the dark side of humanity.

Coming of age, Zen finds strength in himself, builds a family from a motley collection of strangers, and discovers love. His newfound friends help him open up, learn to trust others, and eventually understand his reason for fighting. The trials he faces throughout his quest amplify as his power increases, and he even sparks the ire of those in the spirit realm, who doubt any human can wield such power successfully. As Zen struggles to fulfill his purpose, he learns that love, friendship, and divine destiny all come with a heavy price.

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A hero’s tale like none other, Searching for Zen: A Tale of Divine Destiny by Albert T. Franklin is a unique, fascinating epic fantasy filled with adventure, mysticism and amazing original characters. It is an enthralling story that held me captive from start to finish. An enchanting, magical, spiritual and exciting page-turner.

Needing a savior for the people, God began looking for someone who had all the right qualities. He came across Zen, the small child of a poor mother whose husband had died in battle. As Zen grew, he discovered that if he touched someone, he would get all their thoughts and life experiences. As such, he aged normally but grew in lifetimes. Zen discovered other amazing gifts he had gradually as well; he was able to pause time, to heal others, and to control the weather elements. Once Zen was old enough and strong enough, the Guide visited and told Zen he needed to go on a quest where he would find five people and five artifacts. If he failed in his quest, he would certainly die. Armed with this knowledge, his powerful gifts, and a zest for helping others, Zen sets out on an incredible journey of a lifetime.

Albert T. Franklin is a remarkable writer, creative storyteller and a master of the arts.  In this book, he’s crafted a semi-traditional hero’s arc, but added in so many interesting and intriguing elements that the book feels comfortably familiar yet inspiringly new.  I loved seeing Zen’s arc from a young boy just freshly discovering what he could do to a complex man who’s driven by the love and support of his friends.  Zen is such a unique and extraordinary character. While rooted in God’s work—he was driven by helping others, righting wrongs, and by acts of service for his friends and family. This is a terrific book to encourage and inspire good healthy values in readers. I’m so excited that this book will have a part two; I couldn’t put it down!

Driven by a love of family and friends, Zen’s powers are truly immense. As Zen experiences one problem after another, will his powers be enough to help him overcome every issue to finish his quest? An epic for the centuries, Searching For Zen: A Tale Of Divine Destiny by Albert T. Franklin,is a phenomenal story and I highly recommend this novel to all readers, even those who do not normally read fantasies. Searching For Zen: A Tale Of Divine Destiny by Albert T. Franklin will make you an instant fan of the genre, and especially desire to escape into more fantastic stories and novels by Albert T Franklin, who has a unique voice and imagination. This novel is well deserving of the awards it has won. Book reviewed by Mary Rosenthal for Chick Lit Book Café.     

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Searching For Zen: A Tale of Divine Destiny by Albert T. Franklin
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