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Chick Lit Café is passionate about books and the reading experience. Our goal is to provide readers with the very best hand picked fiction books written by remarkable and talented authors who have over-the-top captivating imaginations, outstanding writing abilities and unique stories to tell.

We also look for and recommend excellent nonfiction (including memoirs & biographies) books that will provide readers with a great rich read which they can be inspired by, surprised by and even mortified by – whatever readers are looking for. Self-help books that give knowledge and guidance are also some of our favorites.

Authors, please read on….

SINCE 2007

What is the number one question authors always ask us?

Question – What is the key to an author’s success in terms of sales and becoming well known?
Answer– A very high amount of exposure for a book is the most important aspect for an author to strive for in order for success, to achieve notoriety and to sell a lot of copies on a continual basis.

Chick Lit Book Café book reviews and author services writes professional, exciting book reviews that will make your book shine and stand out from the rest.

We run a series of effective “genre targeted” marketing campaigns, and our influencers execute social media book promotions and pushes to increase your book’s exposure and sales.

With so many books being published daily, in order to be seen and sell numerous books, you must get online and work it. You must be everywhere on online gaining exposure for yourself as a published author and getting your book a magnitude of exposure – and that takes time, effort and the know-how. And who has time to tackle that monster?

Our team here at CLBC will review & promote your book for you!

We have multiple online connections, sister sites and social media platforms.  We have multiple book, readers and literary social media accounts with numerous followers.

CLC employs many educated professionals. We have an extraordinary team of excellent book exposure specialists​, educated book reviewers/writers, experienced book marketing experts, social media book promotion and influencers, Email book marketing specialists and author platform and brand consultants and book coaches.

We are fully connected with many book related websites, magazines, book news sites, readers clubs, forums and blogs. We are a popular, award winning site for readers that trust us to provide them with the very best and great book recommendations. We are highly visible online with many visitors to our website and social media platforms throughout our social media network.. People from around the world, readers and book lovers are drawn to us and love our website.

Chick Lit Book Cafe’s website visitors and email subscriber list consists of numerous avid readers of all genres ready to purchase books, – and who purchase our authors books right off our website.

When we set out to create an effective presence for our authors online, we get the job done.

We do it right. No wasted time or effort. We know exactly where to go and who to connect with.

What is your goal? To sell books right? To get your work in the hands of numerous avid readers.

Get in touch with Chick Lit Book Cafe and we will do the hard work of exposing your book to the multitudes of avid readers across the literary community.  Promoting your book, connecting you with avid readers worldwide and getting your book and author name a ton of exposure and out there in the public eye is our specialty.

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The rest will be up to you. You can concentrate on writing.

Note: Book Review Request and Approval

Because we receive so many requests for our services and the fact that we strive to recommend the very best quality books and novels to readers, we must remain very selective as to the books and authors we review, promote and recommend. We examine each book that is submitted and our team votes on each book that is submitted for approval for our book review and marketing services/

Note: We review and promote ALL genres of books.


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