Priscilla Audette

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Born and raised in California, Priscilla Audette received her Bachelor’s degree in political science from UCLA, and her Master’s degree in English literature from North Dakota State University. Her first novel, Seismic Influences, was published the summer 2012. Seismic Influences was a NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner – Fall 2012 as well as winner of the Award of Excellence: Outstanding Achievement in Fiction: First Place in the Women’s Category in the LuckyCinda Publishing Global Book Contest in 2013. Just recently Seismic Influences was the runner up in the Shelf unbound 2016 Best Indie Book Competition. If this book were to be described in one word, it would be sex. It depicts the era of the sexual revolution and could be the poster child for the hash tag “me too” women who no longer stand by silently when it comes to sexual misconduct that was so prevalent in that era prior to Title IX and other similar laws. Her second novel, Court Appointed, a Beverly Hills Book Award winner in 2016, was released in 2015 by Sunstone Press. If it were to be described in one word it would be death. It is a tell-all book about people living out the final chapters of their lives and how we as a society need to learn to treat our elderly.

Priscilla’s most recent novel, Lost, published by Christian Faith Publishing and released in January 2018, is a work of fiction based on fact, so it would more appropriately be called faction. If this book were to be described in one word it would be regeneration. It is about a woman who has suffered a brain injury in a car accident. It details her struggles with overcoming what turned out to be the greatest challenge of her life. One rule of thumb for authors is to “write what you know.” Priscilla followed that rule. Her sister suffered from a brain injury much as Faith does in the novel. A gypsy at heart, Priscilla has lived in California, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Maine where she currently makes her home.