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Tracy Richardson wasn’t always a writer, but she was always a reader. Her favorite book growing up was A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. In a weird way her life reflects the book through odd synchronicities. She has a degree in Biology like Mrs. Murry and without realizing it she named her children Alex and Katie after Meg’s parents. (Really, it was not intentional, because that would be weird!) Tracy uses her science background in her writing through her emphasis on environment issues, real science and metaphysics. Growing up, Tracy’s younger brothers called her ‘sarge’ and once when she took a personality test for a job, the evaluator said she could give a Drill Sargent a run for his money. If you need someone to boss your around, Tracy’s your gal! Tracy lives in Indianapolis.

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Tracy Richardson, Author of 

The Field, April 2019

Indian Summer, 2020 

Catalyst, Coming – 2020

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