Entrance (Thornhill Trilogy Book 1) J.J Sorel

Entrance (Thornhill Trilogy Book 1) J.J SorelSynopsis-Entrance (Thornhill Trilogy Book 1) J.J Sorel

I lowered myself onto the lavish Louis 14th chair, swallowing tightly I peered down at my badly ironed, outmoded office-girl get-up.
How could an ordinary girl with an unnatural fondness for vintage clothes and art, find herself amongst a room of hopefuls looking more like supermodels?
The boss’s name was a mystery. But judging by the opulent surroundings, he was filthy rich with impeccable, old-world tastes.

The following day, my life changed, from impoverished art history graduate to someone with a charge account and company car.
And then there was my new hot boss.
Enigmatic and generous, Aidan Thornhill was insanely handsome.
His liquid gaze stripped me bare right to my very soul, making my skin sizzle.


Even in that antiquated green cardigan and mess of black hair stacked up in a sagging bun, Clarissa
Moone took my breath away.

With a heart just as beautiful, Clarissa’s soft, well-educated manner along with her curvaceous, classic beauty left me speechless.
I broke every rule in my book.
One gaze from those large dark eyes and my body, mind, and soul stirred to the point of no return.

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Intriguing, Sexy and Artful

Clarissa Moone is timid, high-class and intellectual. But, she feels that she’s not very special, with no distinctive features, and is basically just an ordinary normal girl. She finds herself waiting for a job interview amidst a bouquet of beautiful women that look like models.
She doesn’t know the boss’s name but from the look of his office, he has fabulous expensive taste.
What are her chances of landing this wonderful personal assistant job?

Well, the very next day, she lands the job and is now employed.
She now goes from being broke, with only an art history degree to her name, to having money advanced for expenses and a company car to boot. And let’s not forget her hot, handsome, filthy rich boss.
Wow, she can’t believe her luck.

Entrance by J.J. Sorel is a captivating, sexy and intriguing love story that takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, reactions and feelings of passion.

Aidan, Clarissa’s new boss, is attracted and smitten with her at first sight. Aidan is almost impossible to understand and interpret. He is quiet and private. He has a questionable dark past but, Clarissa doesn’t care. She finds herself melting when he looks at her and goes weak in the knees and quivers when he touches her.

Aiden longs for beautiful Clarissa. She is intelligent, pure and sexy. He falls for her hard, and his passion for her grows stronger every day, And, Clarissa is head over heels for Aiden.

What follows is a lustful, intense story of two people that grow to passionately love each other and long to be together. Even though there are issues of the past, gossip, desire and even vengeance to overcome, the couple must endure through it all.

J.J. Sorel writes an excellent, sizzling hot contemporary romance story. Each chapter is written, very skillfully, in the voice of the two characters interchangeably. I found that she did an excellent job communicating the storyline in that way. A lot of authors struggle with that type of dialog, but J.J. Sorel excels above most authors that attempt to write in that manner.

The captivating plot flows along magnificently and the characters are well developed, established and interesting.

Very well composed, our author J.J. Sorel, features the storyline in an appealing fashion and describes the settings in a vivid and graphic way, as to appeal to the reader’s imaginary senses. The characters actions, as well as, their interactions are penned flawlessly. The love and romance scenes are written in a smart, tasteful and unpretentious way-not over done- but still with plenty of the sizzling-hot factor.

I found this read to be an extraordinary escape from my normal life. But it is still an exceptionally realistic story. It is an appreciable and satisfying tale as it correctly chronicles the uncertainties and problems that two people, in love, have in their lives together at certain times. It shows how relationships can be a struggle, even when the love and passion is strong.

I thoroughly enjoyed Entrance- J.J. Sorel’s debut novel.

I am anticipating the second installment in the Thornhill Trilogy.

For a debut novel, author J.J. Sorel, shines above the rest!

Highly Recommended!

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